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  1. Extend head, extend and laterally flex the vertebral column
  2. Spinous processes C2-4 and T1-8
  3. Spinous processes T3-T4
  4. Iliocostalis, Longissimus, Spinalis
  5. Extend head, extend and laterally flex vertebral column
  6. Posterior dorsal rami

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  1. Superficial MusclesSplenius Capitis, Splenius Cervicis


  2. Splenius Capitis InsertionTransverse processes C1-C4


  3. Splenius Capitis FunctionExtend neck, rotate head to side contracting


  4. Splenis Capitis OriginSpinous processes T3-T4


  5. Splenius Cervicis InsertionMastoid Process, Nuchal line


  6. Iliocostalis OriginIliac crest, ribs 3-12


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