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  1. diverticulosis
  2. peritonitis
  3. myocarditis
  4. phlebitis
  5. Pharyngitis
  1. a inflammation of vein
  2. b inflammation of muscle layer
  3. c inflammation of membran which lines abdominal visera
  4. d inflammation of the throat
  5. e presence of intestinal hernia

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  1. pus in pleural cavity
  2. localized area of dead epithelium in stomach caused by pepcin
  3. infection of lung tissue
  4. inflammation of the appendix
  5. failure of valve to close or seat properly.

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  1. Polycythemia vera (erythrocytosis)excess number of RBC being produced, thicker blood


  2. sacular (aneurysm)one side of wall


  3. cholelithiasisformation of gallstones


  4. Dilatationinflammation of the liver


  5. tracheitisinflammation of windpipe or trachea


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