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  1. enteritis
  2. cholelithiasis
  3. Cardiomyopathy
  4. laryngitis
  5. esophagitis
  1. a disease of the heart muscle itself
  2. b formation of gallstones
  3. c inflammation of the small interstine
  4. d inflammation of voice box
  5. e inflammation of muscular tube that conveys food from throat to stomach

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  1. inflammation of the mouth
  2. disease of heart which results in high blood pressure
  3. inflammation of the appendix
  4. inflammation of the endocardium
  5. end stage of chronic liver disease

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  1. Dilatationheart being enlarged


  2. Gingivitisinflamattion of the gums


  3. prolapseinflammation of longest division of large intestine


  4. peptic ulcerlocalized area of dead epithelium in stomach caused by pepcin


  5. empyemapus in pleural cavity


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