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  1. pericarditis
  2. pyloric stenosis
  3. bronchitis
  4. fusiform (aneurysm)
  5. Hypertrophy
  1. a effets entired blood vessel
  2. b increase in size of heart muscle by cells
  3. c narrowing of pyloric sphincter
  4. d inflammation of one or both bronchi
  5. e inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart

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  1. end stage of chronic liver disease
  2. edema in abdominal cavity
  3. failure of valve to close or seat properly.
  4. falure of heart to deliver blood to the body
  5. inflammation of prencreas

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  1. gastritisinflammation of an artery


  2. Hypertension heart diseasedisease of heart which results in high blood pressure


  3. stomatitisinflammation of the mouth


  4. Thrombosisend stage of chronic liver disease


  5. Polycythemia vera (erythrocytosis)excess number of RBC being produced, thicker blood


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