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  1. Hypertrophy
  2. enteritis
  3. rhinitis
  4. hernia
  5. Dilatation
  1. a inflammation of nose
  2. b abnormal protusion on a body part or organ into an area where it is not normally found
  3. c heart being enlarged
  4. d increase in size of heart muscle by cells
  5. e inflammation of the small interstine

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  1. narrowing of pyloric sphincter
  2. inflammation of vein
  3. edema in abdominal cavity
  4. effets entired blood vessel
  5. excess number of RBC being produced, thicker blood

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  1. stenosisinflammation of an artery


  2. gastritisinflammation of the stomach


  3. varicose veins (varices)hardening of the arteries; slow chronic disease which lumen is reduced in size


  4. prolapsefree floating objects in bloodstream


  5. Pharyngitisinflammation of the throat


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