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  1. purpura
  2. Hypertension heart disease
  3. Arteritis
  4. empyema
  5. lobar pneumonia
  1. a infection confined to one or more sections
  2. b wide spread hemorrhage throughout body, side effects of chemo
  3. c inflammation of an artery
  4. d pus in pleural cavity
  5. e disease of heart which results in high blood pressure

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  1. inflammation of the throat
  2. inflammation of the appendix
  3. presence of intestinal hernia
  4. inflammation of the liver
  5. dilated or engorgved veins at opening of anal canal

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  1. esophagitisinflammation of vessel which bile is shipped (bile ducts)


  2. Myocardial Infarctioninflammation of muscle layer


  3. Endocarditisinflammation of the endocardium


  4. Heartabnormal protusion on a body part or organ into an area where it is not normally found


  5. varicose veins (varices)dilated or engorged superficial veins


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