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  1. peptic ulcer
  2. stenosis
  3. hernia
  4. Insuffiency (imcompetence)
  5. Thrombosis
  1. a narrowing in size of opening controlled by heart
  2. b abnormal protusion on a body part or organ into an area where it is not normally found
  3. c Attached blood clots in the coronary arteries
  4. d failure of valve to close or seat properly.
  5. e localized area of dead epithelium in stomach caused by pepcin

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  1. decrease in total number white blood cells due to disease
  2. inflammation of nose
  3. inflammation of vein
  4. death of heart muscle tissue caused by interference of blood supply
  5. inflammation of the gallbladder or sac containing bile

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  1. diverticulosisinflammation of the sac surrounding the heart


  2. Carditisinflammation of longest division of large intestine


  3. sinusitisinflamattion of the gums


  4. Arteritisinflammation of an artery


  5. lobar pneumoniainfection confined to one or more sections


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