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  1. stomatitis
  2. pancreatitis
  3. myocarditis
  4. Myocardial Infarction
  5. hemorrhoids
  1. a death of heart muscle tissue caused by interference of blood supply
  2. b inflammation of prencreas
  3. c dilated or engorgved veins at opening of anal canal
  4. d inflammation of muscle layer
  5. e inflammation of the mouth

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  1. failure of valve to close or seat properly.
  2. presences of atheromas or fatty plaques. EARLY stage of hardening of arteries
  3. presence of intestinal hernia
  4. narrowing in size of opening controlled by heart
  5. inflammation of the appendix

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  1. Leukemiacancer of the blood


  2. varicose veins (varices)dilated or engorged superficial veins


  3. pericarditisinflammation of the heart


  4. Spasms (Fibrillation)non rhythmic heart beat


  5. leukopenia (reactive change)failure of valve to close or seat properly.


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