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  1. cirrhosis
  2. peptic ulcer
  3. purpura
  4. appendicitis
  5. Rheumatic heart disease
  1. a inflammation of the appendix
  2. b wide spread hemorrhage throughout body, side effects of chemo
  3. c localized area of dead epithelium in stomach caused by pepcin
  4. d end stage of chronic liver disease
  5. e caused by streptococcus pyogenes and ashoff bodies

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  1. heart being enlarged
  2. non rhythmic heart beat
  3. narrowing in size of opening controlled by heart
  4. inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart
  5. inflammation of muscular tube that conveys food from throat to stomach

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  1. Hemopoietic Disorderformation of blood cells, occurs in red marrow portion of bones


  2. arteriosclerosishardening of the arteries; slow chronic disease which lumen is reduced in size


  3. myocarditisinflammation of the endocardium


  4. lobar pneumoniainfection of lung tissue


  5. Atherosclerosis-presences of atheromas or fatty plaques. EARLY stage of hardening of arteries


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