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  1. Spasms (Fibrillation)
  2. colitis
  3. thrombocytopenia
  4. Cardiac failure
  5. myocarditis
  1. a falure of heart to deliver blood to the body
  2. b decrease in # of thrombocytes/platelets in blood.
  3. c inflammation of longest division of large intestine
  4. d non rhythmic heart beat
  5. e inflammation of muscle layer

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. caused by streptococcus pyogenes and ashoff bodies
  2. decrease in total number white blood cells due to disease
  3. presence of intestinal hernia
  4. acute coryza, most common ailment
  5. disease of heart which results in high blood pressure

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  1. bronchialinflammation of one or both bronchi


  2. cholelithiasisinflammation of the gallbladder or sac containing bile


  3. Insuffiency (imcompetence)decrease in total number white blood cells due to disease


  4. bronchitisinfection in the bronchial


  5. pancreatitisinflammation of the throat


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