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MT 108.2 Test

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  1. Adductor Muscles
  2. Sacrum
  3. Rotators
  4. Coxal
  1. a adduct the hip, close the legs
  2. b Connects with the posterior illium to form the sacroilliac joint
  3. c medially and laterally rotate the hip, rotation of the hip is the turning of the head of the femur bone in the Acetabulumn of the pelvis
  4. d articulates with the head of the femur at the pelvic Acetabulum

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  1. bends a joint/brings bones closer together
  2. the coxal bones, the sacrum and the coccyx bones form the boney pelvis also called the pelvic girdle
  3. taking limb away from midline
  4. fused small vertebrae curved anteriorly
  5. trigger point pattern of pain and referral

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  1. Coccyxforms the most inferior portion of the spine, the "tailbone"


  2. Palpationthe movement caused by the contraction of a muscle


  3. Extensionturning of a head or ball inside of the socket (Acetabulum)


  4. Circumductioncombination of flexion, extension, adduction and abduction to create a cone shaped movement, only at hip and shoulder


  5. Rotationturning of a head or ball inside of the socket (Acetabulum)


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