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  1. Researcher at the Allied Mental Health Center are conducting a study to determine how quickly symptoms of depression are reduced by different forms of psychotherapy. What is the independent variable in this study?
  2. A placebo is:
  3. In a double-blind study:
  4. Who conditioned dogs to reflexively salivate to the sound of a bell rather than food?
  5. humanistic psychology emphasized:
  1. a the type of psychotherapy used to treat depression
  2. b a fake substance, treatment or procedure with no known direct effects
  3. c Russian physiologist Ivan pavlov
  4. d free will, self-determination, psychological growth, and human potential
  5. e both the subjects and the researcher who interacts with them are unaware of which subjects have been exposed to the independent variable

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  1. Pseudoscientific belief
  2. unconscious causes of behavior
  3. Educational
  4. Psychodynamic
  5. was a German physiologist

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  1. Professor Nelson wishes to investigate the relationship between stress and visits to the college mental health clinic. which of the following research methods would be most appropriate?Developmental


  2. In Robert Levine's research on the "pace of life" in 31 different countries, he measured the amount of time it took a pedestrian to walk 60 feet on a down town city street. this represented the:Operational definition


  3. An operational definition is:examines how strongly two variables are related to one another


  4. Which of the following people emphasized conscious experiences and each person's unique potential for psychological growth and self-directionthe establishment of the first psychology research laboratory by Wilhelm Wundt in 1879


  5. Dr. Marinez is studying the effects of diet on mental alertness Each morning for two weeks, subjects in Dr. Martinez's study eat a breakfast that is either high in carbohydrates or high in protein. Dr. Martinez then measures the subject's abilities at solving geometry problems. What is the dependent variable in this study?The ability to solve geometry problems


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