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  1. Dr. Kerrik has developed a training program for young children that will help the children learn to read at a quicker pace and with greater comprehension. what kind of psychologist is Dr. Kerrik?
  2. Which of the following contributed to the "cognitive revolution" and a return to the study of mental processes?
  3. a theory:
  4. Who conditioned dogs to reflexively salivate to the sound of a bell rather than food?
  5. A correlational study:
  1. a Educational
  2. b examines how strongly two variables are related to one another
  3. c The invention of the fist computers in the 1950's
  4. d Russian physiologist Ivan pavlov
  5. e integrates and summarizes diverse findings on the same topic

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  1. the study of consciousness
  2. The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
  3. group of subjects that closely parallels the larger group to be studied on all relevant characteristics, such as age, sex, and race
  4. William James
  5. Clinical

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  1. Professor Nelson wishes to investigate the relationship between stress and visits to the college mental health clinic. which of the following research methods would be most appropriate?Developmental


  2. Descriptive research:typically answer the "who, what, where, when, how often" questions about behavior


  3. psychologists assume that:unconscious causes of behavior


  4. Which area of psychology is most interested in examining individual differences and the characteristics that make each person unique?Developmental


  5. Researcher at the Allied Mental Health Center are conducting a study to determine how quickly symptoms of depression are reduced by different forms of psychotherapy. What is the independent variable in this study?the type of psychotherapy used to treat depression


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