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  1. A placebo is:
  2. a hypothesis is:
  3. Howard recognizes that there is always a subjective side to any science. therefore, he believes that it is important to actively minimize preconceptions and biases while evaluating evidence. also, he always considers alternative explanations for research findings. Howard's attitude reflects:
  4. Based on a friend's suggestion, Nicole moved her bed so that its head pointed to magnetic north. Nicole's friend told her this would help align the electrical impulses in her body and improve blood circulation to her brain. After sleeping this way for a week, Nicole found it easier to concentrate while studying. Her test scores also seemed to improve. Even after learning that scientific evidence does not support this notion, Nicole believed that sleeping with her pointed to the magnetic north had improved her performance. Nicole's perception is an example of:
  5. The founder of psychoanalysis was:
  1. a Pseudoscientific belief
  2. b Austrian physician Sigmund Freud
  3. c Critical thinking
  4. d a fake substance, treatment or procedure with no known direct effects
  5. e a tentative statement that describes the relationship between two or more variables

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  1. group of subjects that closely parallels the larger group to be studied on all relevant characteristics, such as age, sex, and race
  2. Developmental
  3. behavior and mental processes have a cause or causes
  4. The invention of the fist computers in the 1950's
  5. both the subjects and the researcher who interacts with them are unaware of which subjects have been exposed to the independent variable

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  1. Which famous Greek philosopher wrote extensively about such psychological topics as sleep and dreaming, the senses, memory, and learning?Aristotle


  2. Case studies:are commonly used by clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals to develop a complete profile of a psychotherapy client


  3. "I believe that consciousness should be studied to help us understand the functions of behavior." such a statement would most likely be made by:William James


  4. In Robert Levine's research on the "pace of life" in 31 different countries, he measured the amount of time it took a pedestrian to walk 60 feet on a down town city street. this represented the:The invention of the fist computers in the 1950's


  5. Dr. Kerrik has developed a training program for young children that will help the children learn to read at a quicker pace and with greater comprehension. what kind of psychologist is Dr. Kerrik?Educational


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