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  1. maxilla
  2. carpals
  3. metacarpals
  4. os coxa
  5. tibia
  1. a bones closest to wrist
  2. b upper jaw/cheekbones
  3. c lower leg bone
  4. d bones in middle of hand
  5. e hip/pelvic bones

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  1. small projection on or above a condyle
  2. collar bone
  3. canals that link one lacuna to another
  4. a hole
  5. where ribs connect to form ribcage

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  1. suturea line that joins 2 bones


  2. trochantera large blunt process


  3. sacrumwhere ribs connect to form ribcage


  4. ossiclesa ridge on top of a bone


  5. headhelps form elbow (pinkie side)


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