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  1. Bacon's Rebellion
  2. Pope's Rebellion
  3. Impact of FIW on Natives
  4. early abolitionists
  5. black codes
  1. a conflict bet. landless immigrants/dispossessed natives; low tobacco/high land prices; leader looks to VA gov for help; try to stop him, call him traitor; he burns Jamestown; no lasting effect
  2. b "The Pueblo Revolt"; Pueblo's pray to ancient gods for rain; Spanish mad for no Catholicism, NA resent; Pope attacks/kills 400 colonists; effective, drove Spanish out of Santa Fe; Don Diego de Vargas re-est. Spanish; revenge on NA; struggle til no forcing NA by Spanish
  3. c white encroach on land whether on winning/losing side
  4. d white colonists question morality of slavery; feared slave rebellions; "all equal in God's eyes"; Quakers
  5. e defined slavery; kids were slaves too; ok for white to kill black, not inverse; no legal marriage; no property ownership; no meetings in groups (afraid of rebellion)

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  1. large plantations; either house servants(envied, better clothes, raped, not in sun, no intera. w/ others) or field hands (in sun all day, women took home of family after working)
  2. founded by James Oglethorpe; place for honest debtors; meant to be military buffer bet. S Carolina/Sp. FA; Savannah- 1st town; German/Scot- Irish immigrants; success when slavery allowed-45%
  3. France loses NA empire; larger B land/debt; English contempt for colonies greater( refuse pay for war/sell food to F); colonies together for 1st time; B give NA smallpox/take land; Proc.of 1763 (keep colonists from Ohio Valley)
  4. fewer slaves; most lived in port towns, not plantations
  5. Metacoms War; conflict between NE and NA; begins when NA liaison is killed by Wampanoag;colonists win; natives put in praying towns/slavery

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  1. Impact of FIW on Frenchlose all land in NA/many colonies elsewhere


  2. agriculture in N Englandfishing/shipping; poor soil/cold; raised livestock; ate what produced; traded w/ Wine Island/caribbean; chief traders after Nav. Acts; ports: NYC, Phillie


  3. QuakersPacifists want peace; believed men/women equal; sat in room, wait for God to come in light to them; more radical than Puritans (commit violence against them)


  4. John LockeEnglish philosopher/author challenged notion that humans have no role in fate (only God) w/out denying existence of God; believed in freedom/possibility of improving conditions of lives


  5. Impact of FIW on Colonistsresistant to British control; had freedom, dont react well when B tell them what to do; get B to back off


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