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  1. Middle Passage
  2. English justification for slavery
  3. agriculture in middle colonies
  4. acts of slavery rebellion
  5. Impressments
  1. a involuntary draft of B on colonists in F/I War
  2. b encouraged port cities; thrived by forging comm. links bet. farmers/dealers; "new money"; city people at risk of disease; needed sailors
  3. c mostly try to slow down work; commit theft, destroy tools/crops, run away
  4. d black=bad, white=holy; already existed in W Indies; need cheap labor; didnt work w/ NA; not many whites willing
  5. e supply high/prices low; exposed to sun, not much food/water; not much room; examined like cattle, branded; 3 weeks/months; sold by auction: young men= highest price

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  1. large plantations; either house servants(envied, better clothes, raped, not in sun, no intera. w/ others) or field hands (in sun all day, women took home of family after working)
  2. discovered universal laws that govern motion of space things; demonstrated universe operated by fixed principles
  3. English philosopher/author challenged notion that humans have no role in fate (only God) w/out denying existence of God; believed in freedom/possibility of improving conditions of lives
  4. Anglican minister found adherents across denominational lines; came to tour Mid- Colonies from England; "The Grand Itinerant"; invited to Northampton, traveled thru NE
  5. founded as William Penn's "holy experiment"; diverse society: Quakers, all other religions; tolerant/center of commerce&culture; capital thriving port; mod. fees, punishm.,vote if free

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  1. Middle/NE slaveryfewer slaves; most lived in port towns, not plantations


  2. Impact of FIW on Colonistswhite encroach on land whether on winning/losing side


  3. Pope's Rebellion"The Pueblo Revolt"; Pueblo's pray to ancient gods for rain; Spanish mad for no Catholicism, NA resent; Pope attacks/kills 400 colonists; effective, drove Spanish out of Santa Fe; Don Diego de Vargas re-est. Spanish; revenge on NA; struggle til no forcing NA by Spanish


  4. agriculture in N Englandfishing/shipping; poor soil/cold; raised livestock; ate what produced; traded w/ Wine Island/caribbean; chief traders after Nav. Acts; ports: NYC, Phillie


  5. Enlightenmentinvoluntary draft of B on colonists in F/I War


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