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  1. Middle/NE slavery
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Bacon's Rebellion
  4. Tumult Breeds Witch Hysteria
  5. Impressments
  1. a fewer slaves; most lived in port towns, not plantations
  2. b celebration of human reason/scientific inquiry; people look for natural (not supernat.) causes for things; influ. 18th cent. politics
  3. c crises in MA; result of religious/economic changes; witchcraft accus. way to settle feuds; primary acc.: indep., old women
  4. d involuntary draft of B on colonists in F/I War
  5. e conflict bet. landless immigrants/dispossessed natives; low tobacco/high land prices; leader looks to VA gov for help; try to stop him, call him traitor; he burns Jamestown; no lasting effect

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  1. white colonists question morality of slavery; feared slave rebellions; "all equal in God's eyes"; Quakers
  2. Pacifists want peace; believed men/women equal; sat in room, wait for God to come in light to them; more radical than Puritans (commit violence against them)
  3. discovered universal laws that govern motion of space things; demonstrated universe operated by fixed principles
  4. founded Pennsylvania; owed debt to father; intended to provide haven for Quakers, treat NA fairly, create progressive gov, make money (didnt); died of stroke in debtors prison
  5. English philosopher/author challenged notion that humans have no role in fate (only God) w/out denying existence of God; believed in freedom/possibility of improving conditions of lives

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  1. Southern slaverylarge plantations; either house servants(envied, better clothes, raped, not in sun, no intera. w/ others) or field hands (in sun all day, women took home of family after working)


  2. Impact of FIW on Colonistswhite encroach on land whether on winning/losing side


  3. Proclamation of 1763line across Appalac. mtns. (ME-GA) to keep B from Ohio Valley; NA not happy, but agree; B gov. wants to control W expansion, setlle to avoid spending; failed bc settlers ignore it; not enough troops; keep neg. w/ NA, move line further W


  4. Middle Passagesupply high/prices low; exposed to sun, not much food/water; not much room; examined like cattle, branded; 3 weeks/months; sold by auction: young men= highest price


  5. Impact of FIW on Britishgain a lot of land/debt (from war); had to pay to keep soldiers in colonies; tax colonies to pay costs of empire; not prepared for colonise wanting freedom


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