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  1. Beguile
  2. Harrow
  3. Ransack
  4. Caprice
  5. Veneration
  1. a Deceive
  2. b Respect or awe inspired by the dignity, wisdom or talent of a person (or age)
  3. c A sudden, impulsive action
  4. d A cultivating implement set with spikes, spring teeth, or disks and used primarily for pulverizing and smoothing the soil
  5. e To search thoroughly

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  1. Sleep inducing
  2. Deep personal humiliation and disgrace
  3. A public condemnation
  4. A sham, not genuine
  5. A word formed by merging the sounds and meanings of two diferent words;blend (ex. blog)

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  1. SoldA fabric case for a matress


  2. AbominationA dreadful or immoral thing


  3. TannerThin, bony, hollow-eyed and haggard from hunger


  4. MoroseA sham, not genuine


  5. AmbuscadeAmbush


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