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  1. Beguile
  2. Tick
  3. Waylay
  4. Conjure
  5. Listless
  1. a To distract
  2. b To summon a devil or spirit
  3. c A fabric case for a matress
  4. d Deceive
  5. e Showing no interest in action

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  1. Having a circular or winding course
  2. a.Used in or suitable to spoken language or to writing that imitates speech;conversational b.Informal style of expression
  3. Full suit of armor, ceremonial attire
  4. Examining a persons head to tell a fortune
  5. An overspreading element that produces an effect of gloom

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  1. ImpMischievous child; small demon


  2. ConciliatoryHaving a circular or winding course


  3. FeralRelating to a wild beast, fierce


  4. AmbuscadeAmbush


  5. SagacityDiscerning and wise


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