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  1. Colloquial
  2. Hived
  3. Blighted
  4. Feud
  5. Spoonerism
  1. a Long lasting hostility between two or more parties
  2. b An accidental but humorous distortion of words in a phrase formed by interchanging the initial sounds.
  3. c Stealing
  4. d A disease of plants that causes them to wither; something that frustrates plans or hopes; something that destroys; a deteriorated condition
  5. e a.Used in or suitable to spoken language or to writing that imitates speech;conversational b.Informal style of expression

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  1. A source of harm or ruin; a curse (antonym=boon)
  2. Yawning
  3. Indistinct and vague
  4. Grit, courage
  5. To distract

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  1. VagrantOne who has not established residence and wanders idly


  2. BogusRopes used to sturdy something


  3. TexasRandom items of little value


  4. FactionA party or group that is often self-seeking


  5. BenevolentVicious ill will, spite or hatred


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