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  1. Spoonerism
  2. Fatuous
  3. Vigilante
  4. Cooper
  5. Vehemence
  1. a An accidental but humorous distortion of words in a phrase formed by interchanging the initial sounds.
  2. b A slef-appointed doer of justice
  3. c Complacently foolish, silly
  4. d Having an ancestry of carrel makers
  5. e Marked by forceful energy; intensely emotional

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  1. The family name of LouisXVI
  2. Ruling with absolute power; exercising power tyrannically
  3. Awaiting a chance to entrap; harmful but enticing
  4. Emotion of sympathetic pity
  5. A wad of something chewable

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  1. DemureModest and reserved in manner or behavior


  2. CoinageTo adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly


  3. PilloriedCausing gorror or revulsion, ghastly


  4. HeathenUncivilized or irreligious peron


  5. ImmaculateWithout strain; pure


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