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  1. Formidable
  2. Disposition
  3. Placidity
  4. Befuddle
  5. Dissipated
  1. a Serenely free of disturbance
  2. b To confuse or stupefy; to make stupidly drunk
  3. c Causing fear or dread; vastly superior or strong
  4. d Inclination
  5. e To break up and scatter or vanish

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  1. With careful perseverance; diligent in pursuit
  2. To be subdued by filling with fear or awe
  3. Unbreakable or hard
  4. Long lasting hostility between two or more parties
  5. Lacking possessions and resources; suffering extreme poverty

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  1. ReprieveA sudden, impulsive action


  2. HaughtyDrunk


  3. LanguidProud


  4. BenevolentAggressively self-assertive;cruel, harsh, or destructive


  5. FetidHaving a heavy offensive smell


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