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  1. Waylay
  2. Harrow
  3. Mollified
  4. Feral
  5. Palaver
  1. a Relating to a wild beast, fierce
  2. b to soothe in temper
  3. c To distract
  4. d Lolly gagging by talking
  5. e Teeth

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  1. No motion, sluggish, lacking energy
  2. A sham, not genuine
  3. Death of flesh
  4. Complete honesty and integrity
  5. A party or group that is often self-seeking

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  1. EruditionBookish knowledge; profound


  2. GauntTo contaminate morally; a trace of something bad or dishonorable


  3. AgrarianCharacteristic of farmers or their way of life


  4. CapriceA sudden, impulsive action


  5. GuysYawning


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