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  1. Tantalize
  2. Amenable
  3. Coinage
  4. Fatuous
  5. Trepidation
  1. a To tease or torment by presenting something desirable but keeping it out of reach
  2. b a.The invention of new words b.An invented word or phrase c.The process of making coins (ex. Hobbit)
  3. c Alarm or dread
  4. d Readily brought to yield or submit
  5. e Complacently foolish, silly

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  1. Yawning
  2. a.A word element, such as a prefix or suffix, that is attached to a base, stem or root. b.Something that is attached, joined or added.
  3. Widely and unfavorably known
  4. Abstinence
  5. A source of harm or ruin; a curse (antonym=boon)

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  1. SardonicDisdainfully or skeptically humorus; derisively mocking


  2. TaintTo contaminate morally; a trace of something bad or dishonorable


  3. BemusedModest and reserved in manner or behavior


  4. QuicksilverA figure of speech in which two essentially unlike things are compared, often in a phrase introduced by like or as


  5. FormidableHaving a heavy offensive smell


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