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Grapes of wrath/crucible/changing/scarlet letter/Huck finn vocab FHE Test

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  1. Torpid
  2. Abyss
  3. Immaculate
  4. Commodiousness
  5. Prodigious
  1. a Vast chasm; anything unfathomable, profound or infinite
  2. b Comfortably and conveniently spacious
  3. c Extraordinary, big
  4. d No motion, sluggish, lacking energy
  5. e Without strain; pure

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  1. To break up and scatter or vanish
  2. Emitting sparks; brilliantly lively, stimulating or witty
  3. Having an ancestry of carrel makers
  4. Marked by good will
  5. Turned pale with shock or fear

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  1. MalevolenceVicious ill will, spite or hatred


  2. SomnambulismHypnotism


  3. BenignUncivilized or irreligious peron


  4. AsperityComplete honesty and integrity


  5. Jour PrinterJourneyman printer between an apprentice and master


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