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  1. atom
  2. ionic bond
  3. scientific theory
  4. covalent bond
  5. atomic number
  1. a smallest part of an element
  2. b results from the attraction of positive and negative ions
  3. c formed when atoms share electrons
  4. d the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
  5. e a well tested idea that explains a wide range of observations

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  1. includes the symbol for the element and its valence electrons
  2. building blocks of matter
  3. alkaline earth metal
  4. force of attraction that holds atoms together
  5. groups 3-12

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  1. group/familysmallest part of an element


  2. polyatomic ionions made of more than 1 atom


  3. alkali metalhave one valence electron


  4. noble gasDo not react easily with other elements


  5. periodhorizontal row on the periodic table


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