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  1. Nobles
  2. Imperialism
  3. Immigration
  4. Dictator
  5. Culture
  1. a Persons of noble or 'honorable' rank or birth.
  2. b To enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native.
  3. c An absolute ruler.
  4. d The policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries.
  5. e The beliefs, knowledge, and patterns of living that people develop through living together.

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  1. These people excavate ancient settlements and study artifacts so they can piece together information on the culture of earlier people.
  2. Material objects shaped by human beings or the hominids who preceded them.
  3. Oppressive power exerted by government.
  4. To treat cruelly; torment.
  5. Clerk who read and wrote for those who could not do so themselves.

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  1. ConspiratorAn absolute ruler.


  2. IsthmusHaving moral excellence or character.


  3. ArtisanSkilled craft workers.


  4. DynastyOppressive power exerted by government.


  5. EgalitarianSkilled craft workers.


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