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  1. HERS
  2. Linea alba
  3. Enamel hypocalcification
  4. 9th week
  5. Mesoderm
  1. a ______ _____Is located on the buccal mucosa.
  2. b _________________ is derived from the epiblast layer.
  3. c ________is composed entirely of inner and outer enamel epithelium
  4. d _______ _______is a type of enamel dysplacia that involves interference in the metabolic processes of ameloblasts.
  5. e Fetal period begins

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  1. The_____ ______ is posterior to the zygomatic arch.
  2. Two____ ______ _____ will be involved in a tooth with two roots.
  3. The ______ _______ will produce the future dentin and pulp tissue for the inner portion of the tooth.
  4. By the end of the 1st week, the ____________ stops traveling and undergoes implantation.
  5. _____ ______develops from the oral epithelium.

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  1. 4th weekNasal cavity, and future nasal septum are beginning to develop.


  2. Dentinoenamel junction (DEJ)_____ ______is derived from the basement membrane between the enamel organ and dental papilla.


  3. preameloblastsIn order to differentiate into ____________, cells from the enamel organ repolarize their nuclei.


  4. Sulcus Terminalis_____ ______develops from the oral epithelium.


  5. Median lingual sulcusThe _____ ________ _______ are involved directly in the formation of the embryo's bridge of the nose.


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