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  1. 2nd week
  2. Cap stage
  3. Epiblast layer
  4. 11th week
  5. 3rd week
  1. a Bell stage of odontogenesis
  2. b During the _____ _____of tooth development, the tooth germ consists of enamel organ, dental sac, and dental papilla.
  3. c The placenta develops.
  4. d Neural plate differentiates in the _____ ____.
  5. e Mesoderm is derived from the _______ _______.

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  1. Fetal period begins
  2. Nasal cavity, and future nasal septum are beginning to develop.
  3. __________ is located in the midline of the face and forms from the medial nasal prcesses.
  4. The frontonasal process is a swelling that appears over the developing brain and forms the _______.
  5. neuroectoderm cells have started to differentiate and the CNS cells have started to develop.

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  1. Nonsuccedaneous___________ ________is the beginning of the thyroglossal duct.


  2. 3rd weekThe primitive streak forms within the bilaminar disc. This furrowed, rod-shaped thickening in the middle of the disc results from an increased proliferation of cells in the midline area.


  3. Oral epithelium_________ _____is derived from ectoderm as a result of embryonic folding.


  4. inferior and anteriorThe outer cells of the dental papilla are induced to ___________into odontoblasts.


  5. Oropharyngeal membraneThe _____________ partially separates the nasal and oral cavities in the 5th week.


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