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Study Guide DEH 121-Units I and II Test

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  1. 3rd week
  2. Preameloblasts
  3. Mesoderm
  4. Cervical loop
  5. Repolarize
  1. a After the inner enamel epithelium differentiates into _____________, the outer cells of the dental papilla are induced by the preameloblasts to differentiate into odontoblasts.
  2. b neuroectoderm cells have started to differentiate and the CNS cells have started to develop.
  3. c _________________ is derived from the epiblast layer.
  4. d The _____ _____ is responsible for the development of the root.
  5. e In order to differntiate into preameloblasts, cells from the enamel organ ___________their nuclei.

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Stomodeum is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the _____ _______.
  2. ______ _______ ______migrate from neural folds.
  3. The _____ _____ can be palpated in the anterior midline of the neck.
  4. _____ _______allows the fusion of swellings or tissue from different surfaces of the embryo.
  5. The _____ _____ is located laterally to each naris.

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  1. Epidermis_________________ is derived from the epiblast layer.


  2. Depression___________of embryonic layers occurs during the first week.


  3. External earEpidermis will develop from the _______ ________.


  4. 4th weekformation of the stacked bilateral swelling which are the branchial arches.


  5. Dentin, pulp and cementumThe root of the mature and fully erupted tooth is composed of ____ ____ ___.


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