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  1. Mandibular Arch
  2. Alveolar process
  3. Stomodeum
  4. Laryngopharynx
  5. Meckel's cartilage
  1. a The_____ ______ contains the alveolus of a tooth.
  2. b During the 4th week a cartilage forms within each side of the first branchial arch and is called _______ _________. A portion of this cartilage participates in the formation of the middle ear bones.
  3. c ____________ is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the oropharyngeal membrane.
  4. d The ______________ is not visible in any portion on intraoral examination.
  5. e The _____________ is the fusion of the 2 mandibular processes.

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  1. ______ ______are located on the floor of the mouth.
  2. Philtrum is located in the midline of the face and forms from the
  3. _______ ________ initially forms during the 3rd week of prenatal development and causes bilateral symmetry.
  4. _______ _______ ______is derived from the second pharyngeal pouches.
  5. Muscle cells from the 2nd branchial arches begin to differentiate and migrate. The muscles of the mandible and the muscles of the mastication start to form. and the 4th branchial arches are obliterated, and the smooth contour of the neck is created.

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  1. Neural plateThe _____ _____ is located laterally to each naris.


  2. 11th weektaste buds are starting to form.


  3. Sternocleidomastoid MuscleThe________ ________ is located on each side of the neck.


  4. enamel organ, dental papilla, dental sacThe tooth germ is comprised of 3 embryological structures: the _______ _______, ______ _______ and _______ _____.


  5. Labial commissuresThe _______ _______develops from the neural tube.


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