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  1. Hollow tube
  2. 11th week
  3. Foliate papillae
  4. Spinal cord
  5. Folding
  1. a Bell stage of odontogenesis
  2. b The _______ _______develops from the neural tube.
  3. c ____________ of embryo causes endoderm to be on the inside of the embryo.
  4. d the beginnings of the embryo's ______ ________ are derived from the anterior portion of the foregut.
  5. e The ______ _______ are located on the lateral surface of the tongue.

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  1. _______ ____in the dental lamina appear along each dental arch during odontogenesis of the primary dentition.
  2. The__________develops during the 4th to 8th weeks.
  3. The _______ ________ is comprised of 3 embryological structures: the enamel organ, dental papilla and dental sac.
  4. _____ _______allows the fusion of swellings or tissue from different surfaces of the embryo.
  5. The tongue develops from multiple swellings derived from the ___ ___ ___.

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  1. 5th weekThe lingual papillae are beginning to form.


  2. PlacodesThe__________is completed during week 12.


  3. CopulaThe ____________is formed from the fusion of mesenchyme of mainly the 3rd and parts of the 4th branchial arches.


  4. LaryngopharynxIn order to differntiate into preameloblasts, cells from the enamel organ ___________their nuclei.


  5. 4th weekbrain is bulging over the oropharyngeal membrane and the heart is kind of bulging also and the face is being squeezed out between the two.


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