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  1. 6th week
  2. Palate
  3. Succedaneous tooth
  4. Copula
  5. Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
  1. a The ____________is formed from the fusion of mesenchyme of mainly the 3rd and parts of the 4th branchial arches.
  2. b The__________is completed during week 12.
  3. c The________ ________ is located on each side of the neck.
  4. d projection of a 3rd median swelling, the epiglottic swelling.
  5. e Compared to active eruption of a permanent ______ ______, the shedding of the associated primary tooth is intermittent.

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  1. pharyngeal pouches begin to form.
  2. The ______________ is not visible in any portion on intraoral examination.
  3. Two horizontal epithelial extensions will be involved in a tooth with ______ _______.
  4. brain is bulging over the oropharyngeal membrane and the heart is kind of bulging also and the face is being squeezed out between the two.
  5. Mesoderm is derived from the _______ _______.

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  1. ForeheadNow we see the mesoderm differentiate and begin to divide into paired cuboidal aggregates of cells called somites.


  2. Cleft palate______ _________ is formed if the palatal shelves are unable to fuse properly during prenatal development.


  3. Primary palateThe _______ _______ will give rise to the posterior 2/3rds of the hard palate.


  4. buccal mucosa______ _____Is located on the buccal mucosa.


  5. 4th weekStomodeum forms


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