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  1. inferior and anterior
  2. Oropharyngeal membrane
  3. 4th week
  4. 10 buds
  5. Neural plate
  1. a Facial development begins in the 4th week and involves all 3 embryonc layers. Overall growth of the face is in an ________ _____ ________ direction in relationship to the cranial base.
  2. b _________________differentiates in the 3rd week.
  3. c Mandibular processes form the mandibular arch aka first branchial arch.
  4. d Stomodeum is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the
  5. e _______ ____in the dental lamina appear along each dental arch during odontogenesis of the primary dentition.

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  1. brain is bulging over the oropharyngeal membrane and the heart is kind of bulging also and the face is being squeezed out between the two.
  2. oropharyngeal membrane forms.
  3. Disc undergoes embryonic folding into an embryo.
  4. The _____________ is the fusion of the 2 mandibular processes.
  5. Initiation stage of the tooth. Development of the palatal shelves which fuse and form the secondary palate.

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  1. Spinal cordThe _______ _______develops from the neural tube.


  2. 5th weekImportant to know that the muscle cells are beginning to differentiate and orientate if they didn't do this then the tongue would not be able to move out of the way when the shelves come together and "flip" up.


  3. 4th weekFacial development begins in the _______ ________ and invoves all 3 embryonic layers. Overall growth of the face is in an inferior and anterior direction in relationship to the cranial base.


  4. Tooth germThe _______ ________ is comprised of 3 embryological structures: the enamel organ, dental papilla and dental sac.


  5. Endoderm_________________ is derived from the epiblast layer.


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