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  1. 4th week
  2. 5th week
  3. Cleft lip
  4. Thyroglossal duct
  5. 11th week
  1. a Intermaxillary segment is initially formed during the _____ _____ by internally fusion of the paired medial nasal processes, which will grow inferiorly on the inside of the stomodeum. Intermaxillary segment gives rise to the primary palate.
  2. b lacrimal tissue.
  3. c _____ ______can result from the lack of fusion between the medial nasal and maxillary processes.
  4. d taste buds are starting to form.
  5. e Foramen secum is the beginning of the _______ _______.

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  1. Important to know that the muscle cells are beginning to differentiate and orientate if they didn't do this then the tongue would not be able to move out of the way when the shelves come together and "flip" up.
  2. The _____ ________ _______ are involved directly in the formation of the embryo's bridge of the nose.
  3. The _______ ________ is comprised of 3 embryological structures: the enamel organ, dental papilla and dental sac.
  4. Stomodeum is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the
  5. After the inner enamel epithelium differentiates into _____________, the outer cells of the dental papilla are induced by the preameloblasts to differentiate into odontoblasts.

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  1. Thyroid cartilageThe _____ _____ can be palpated in the anterior midline of the neck.


  2. second pharyngeal pouchesThe _______ _______ will give rise to the posterior 2/3rds of the hard palate.


  3. External earThe_____ ______ is posterior to the zygomatic arch.


  4. 4th weekFacial development begins in the _______ ________ and invoves all 3 embryonic layers. Overall growth of the face is in an inferior and anterior direction in relationship to the cranial base.


  5. Fordyce's spots_____ ____are composed of sebum from sebaceous tissue.


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