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  1. Thyroid cartilage
  2. 8th week
  3. dentin and pulp tissue
  4. Epidermis
  5. 5th week
  1. a The lingual papillae are beginning to form.
  2. b Important to know that the muscle cells are beginning to differentiate and orientate if they didn't do this then the tongue would not be able to move out of the way when the shelves come together and "flip" up.
  3. c ______________ will develop from the ectoderm layer.
  4. d The _____ _____ can be palpated in the anterior midline of the neck.
  5. e The dental papilla will produce the future ________ ____ ______ _______ for the inner portion of the tooth.

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  1. During the 4th week a cartilage forms within each side of the first branchial arch and is called _______ _________. A portion of this cartilage participates in the formation of the middle ear bones.
  2. Bilaminar embryonic disc is developed from the blastocyst.
  3. brain is bulging over the oropharyngeal membrane and the heart is kind of bulging also and the face is being squeezed out between the two.
  4. The _______ is part of the soft palate.
  5. Foramen secum is the beginning of the _______ _______.

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  1. Horizontal epithelial extensionsDental Lamina develops from the ________ ________.


  2. Stomodeum____________ is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the oropharyngeal membrane.


  3. 4th weekBud stage


  4. 4th weekThe copula becomes evident.


  5. Neural tube_________________differentiates in the 3rd week.


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