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  1. Scientific fact
  2. Basic Scientific Research
  3. Quantitative data
  4. Science
  5. Scientific Theory
  1. a reproductile single piece of information objective and verifiable. (single observation)
  2. b Major focus in the discovery of new fundamental information about humans and other living organisms and the universe in which they live.
  3. c numerical data obtain by various measurements on a system under study
  4. d study in which we atempt to organize and explain information the information is about ourselves and our environment
  5. e A hypothesis that has been accepted by the scientific community after being tested alot over a long period of time and validated

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  1. Physical change of matter from a solid to a gas
  2. looking a number of observations(facts/data) and making a general statements based upon the themes or patterns of the observations (facts/date)
  3. Physical state of matter with an indefinite shape and a definite volume
  4. The process of methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover new information about the subject.
  5. Physical change of matter from a gas to a liquid

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  1. Physical changeappearance of the matter changes but not the composition


  2. Chemistrya scientific discipline which is devoted to the study of matter and enegy.


  3. FactA valid observation about some natural phenomenon


  4. MeltingPhysical change of matter from solid to a liquid


  5. GasA valid observation about some natural phenomenon


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