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  1. Scientific Research
  2. The two types of scientific research
  3. Qualitative data
  4. Scientific Method
  5. Science
  1. a Basic scientific research and Applied scientific research
  2. b The process of methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover new information about the subject.
  3. c Identify problem
    collect data through observation
    analyze and organize data
    suggest explanations
    propose explanation(tell whether hypothesis is correct or incorrect)
  4. d Non-numerical data consisting of general observations about a system under study
  5. e study in which we atempt to organize and explain information the information is about ourselves and our environment

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  1. a hypothesis that has been tested and and validated over a long period of time
  2. Physical change of matter from a liquid to a solid
  3. Major focus in the discovery of new fundamental information about humans and other living organisms and the universe in which they live.
  4. attempt to explain the scientific law
  5. appearance of the matter changes but not the composition

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  1. SolidPhysical state of matter with a definite shape and a definite volume


  2. Experimentswell defined, controlled procedure for obtaining information about a system understudy.


  3. Scientific Lawreproductile single piece of information objective and verifiable. (single observation)


  4. LiquidPhysical state of matter with a definite shape and a definite volume


  5. Applied Scientific ResearchMajor focus is the discovery of useful products and processes that can be used to benefit human kind.


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