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  1. Hypoventilation
  2. severe hypothermia
  3. highest body temp
  4. Arterial blood pressure
  5. Relapsing fever
  1. a the measure of the pressure exerted by the blood as it pulsates through the arteries
  2. b rewarming the body by applying hyperthermia (electric) blankets, warm IVs
  3. c the occurrence short febrile periods of a few days interspersed with periods of 1 or 2 days of normal temperature
  4. d reached between 1600 and 1800 hours. 4-6pm
  5. e very shallow respirations

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  1. (PMI) the point where the apex of the heart touches the anterior chest wall
  2. the volume of air that is normally inhaled and exhaled
  3. feeling chills, coldness, shivering, etc
  4. abnormally fast respirations
  5. the temperature of the skin, the subcutaneous

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  1. Febrilepertaining to a fever; feverish


  2. Eupneanormal, quiet breathing


  3. Pulse deficitthe difference between the apical pulse and the radial pulse


  4. Conductionthe transfer of heat from the surface of one object to the surface of another without contact between the two objects


  5. Vital signsmeasurements of physiological functioning, specifically body temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure; may include pain and pulse oximetry


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