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  1. Tachypnea
  2. Dysrhythmia
  3. Pyrexia
  4. Respiratory quality (character)
  5. Conduction
  1. a refers to those aspects of breathing that are different from normal, effortless breathing, includes the amount of effort exerted to breathe and the sounds produced by breathing
  2. b abnormally fast respirations, usually more than 24 respirations per minute
  3. c the transfer of heat from one molecule to another in direct contact
  4. d (hyperthermia, fever) a body temperature above the normal range
  5. e a pulse with an irregular rhythm

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  1. abnormally slow pulse rate, less than 60 per minute
  2. a pulse located in the periphery of the body (eg, foot, wrist)
  3. (BMR) the rate of energy utilization in the body required to maintain essential activities such as breathing
  4. the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the alveoli of the lungs and the pulmonary blood
  5. the ability for the arteries to contract and expand

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  1. Pulse oximetera noninvasive device that measures the arterial blood oxygen saturation by means of a sensor attached to the finger


  2. Eupneaa complete absence of respirations


  3. mild hypothermiaa pulse with an abnormal rhythm


  4. Pulse volumethe strength or amplitude of the pulse, the force of blood exerted with each heart beat


  5. flush phasesweating, flushed skin due to vasodilation


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