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  1. flow-restricted oxygen powered ventilation device (FROPVD)
  2. venturi mask
  3. ventilation
  4. respiratory arrest
  5. respiratory distress
  1. a a device that uses oxygen under pressure to deliver artificial ventilations. it has automatic flow restriction to prevent over-delivery of oxygen to the patient
  2. b the breathing in of air or oxygen or providing breaths artificially
  3. c a face mask and reservoir bag device that delivers specific concentrations of oxygen by mixing oxygen with inhaled air
  4. d when breathing completely stops
  5. e increased work of breathing; a sensation of shortness of breath

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  1. artificial ventilation
  2. use of a vacuum device to remove blood, vomit, and other secretions or foreign materials from the airway
  3. a blue or gray color resulting from lack of oxygen in the body
  4. the reduction of breathing to the point where oxygen intake is not sufficient to support life
  5. a cylinder filled with oxygen under pressure

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  1. bag-valve mask (BVM)a handheld device with a face mask and self refilling bag that can be squeezed to provide artificial ventilations to a patient


  2. pocket face maska face mask and reservoir bag device that delivers high concentration of oxygen


  3. nasopharyngeal airwaya flexible breathing tube inserted through the patients nose into the pharynx to help maintain an open airway


  4. jaw-thrust maneuvera device connected to the flowmeter to add moisture to the dry oxygen coming from an oxygen cylinder


  5. automatic transport ventilator (ATV)artificial ventilation


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