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  1. nonrebreather mask
  2. respiratory distress
  3. ventilation
  4. oxygen cylinder
  5. hyperventilate
  1. a to provide ventilations at a higher rate than normal
  2. b increased work of breathing; a sensation of shortness of breath
  3. c a cylinder filled with oxygen under pressure
  4. d the breathing in of air or oxygen or providing breaths artificially
  5. e a face mask and reservoir bag device that delivers high concentration of oxygen

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  1. a permanent surgical opening in the neck through which the patient breathes
  2. a device, usually with a one way valve, to aid in artificial ventilation.
  3. areas of the lungs outside the alveoli where gas exchange with the blood does no take place
  4. use of a vacuum device to remove blood, vomit, and other secretions or foreign materials from the airway
  5. a blue or gray color resulting from lack of oxygen in the body

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  1. pressure regulatorbreathing


  2. automatic transport ventilator (ATV)a device that provides positive pressure ventilations. is easily carried on the ambulance


  3. respiratory arrestwhen breathing completely stops


  4. head-tilt, chin-lift maneuvera means of correcting blockage of the airway by moving the jaw forward without tilting the head or neck. Used when a spinal injury is suspected


  5. positive pressure ventilationa device connected to an oxygen cylinder to reduce cylinder pressure so it is safe for delivery of oxygen to a patient


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