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  1. minute volume
  2. pressure regulator
  3. respiratory arrest
  4. hyperventilate
  5. positive pressure ventilation
  1. a when breathing completely stops
  2. b the amount of air breathed in during each respiration multiplied by the number of breaths per minute
  3. c a device connected to an oxygen cylinder to reduce cylinder pressure so it is safe for delivery of oxygen to a patient
  4. d to provide ventilations at a higher rate than normal
  5. e artificial ventilation

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  1. a cylinder filled with oxygen under pressure
  2. use of a vacuum device to remove blood, vomit, and other secretions or foreign materials from the airway
  3. increased work of breathing; a sensation of shortness of breath
  4. areas of the lungs outside the alveoli where gas exchange with the blood does no take place
  5. a means of correcting blockage of the airway by the tongue by tilting the head back and lifting the chin

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  1. humidifiera device connected to the flowmeter to add moisture to the dry oxygen coming from an oxygen cylinder


  2. bag-valve mask (BVM)a device that delivers low concentrations of oxygen through 2 prongs that rest in the patients nostrils


  3. patent airwayan airway that is open and clear, and will remain open and clear, without interference to the passage of air into and out of the body


  4. nonrebreather maska face mask and reservoir bag device that delivers high concentration of oxygen


  5. automatic transport ventilator (ATV)a device that provides positive pressure ventilations. is easily carried on the ambulance


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