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  1. 목소리
  2. 날씬하다
  3. 다이어트
  4. 모양
  5. 작다
  1. a to be small
  2. b a voice
  3. c a diet
  4. d a shape, a style
  5. e to be slim, to be thin

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  1. to be handsome, to be good looking
  2. to look like, to happen
  3. to be tall, to be big
  4. to be short (in length)
  5. to be the same

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  1. 마르다to be gaunt, to be skinny


  2. 네모to resemble


  3. 모습a shape, a style


  4. flesh, fat


  5. 뚱뚱하다to be fat, to be overweight


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