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  1. Sepulchers
  2. Inauspicious
  3. Allot
  4. Purport
  5. Undutiful
  1. a tomb. Just inside the cemetery gates were a series of small ______.
  2. b give something to someone as a share or task. In a will, land is ______ed to each person in the family.
  3. c appear or claim to be or do something, esp. falsely. He ______ed to being a genius.
  4. d not obediently fulfilling one's duty. Fred was kicked out of the army because of his ______ behavior.
  5. e not conducive to success. "Well that's ______," he thought to himself as a step halfway through the rickety bridge fell hundreds of feet into the water below.

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  1. dull, laborious, or excessively solemn. A prisoner's walk to death row is often ______.
  2. a person's look or manner. Cathy's friendly ______ led to people sharing lots of secrets with her.
  3. a large, densely packed crowd of people or animals. There was a ______ of fans waiting outside of the church in Kennebunkport where Taylor Swift filmed her music video.
  4. face. Her ______ was sharp and angled.
  5. a large, imposing building. Though the ______ was rather intimidating, they still entered.

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  1. Evanescentsoon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing. The ______ sunshine caused a pink hue on the clouds.


  2. Heterogeneousthe state of being coiled. The anaconda's coils made ______ around Fred.


  3. Sagacitygood judgment. Atticus Finch is known for his ______.


  4. Eloquencefluent or persuasive speaking or writing. Her ______ made up for the fact that all her opinions were radical and hard to grasp.


  5. Obstinacygood judgment. Atticus Finch is known for his ______.


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