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  1. Which of the following research errors is less prone to being classified as fraud and more likely to be considered as simply sloppy work?
  2. What term applies to the stages people pass through from birth to death, beginning with childhood and concluding with the older years?
  3. Steve and Naomi are counting the empty whiskey bottles in trash cans to measure the level of whiskey consumption in town. They are observing people's behavior who do not know they are being studied. These researchers are using a method of research referred to as ________.
  4. Of the following influences, the one that C. Wright Mills most attributed to being the one that sociologists would use to explain individual behavior is...
  5. Clarise and Cindy are honor students and conduct themselves in a mature manner at the Christian college they attend in Philadelphia. This year for spring break they decided to go to Cancun where they auditioned for the Girls Gone Wild video. In view of this, which statement best describes the behavior of Clarise and Cindy?
  1. a External influences
  2. b Clarise and Cindy considered themselves on a moral holiday which permitted them to let their hair down.
  3. c Analyzing the data incorrectly
  4. d Unobtrusive measures
  5. e The life course

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  1. Part of the hidden curriculum in U.S. schools
  2. Defining the problem
  3. Adultolescence
  4. Quantative
  5. They were among the first faculty members in the sociology department at the University of Chicago

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  1. The early European sociologist Emile Durkheim is most identified with which of the following areas of study?Social integration


  2. What quality did Max Weber stress as being the hallmark of social research?Total neutrality


  3. Individuals who are approximately the same age, linked by common interests, and include classmates and the kids in the neighborhood are most appropriately referred to as _______.A driver signaling a right turn with his direction signals


  4. Which statement regarding status is most accurate?Unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than employed men.


  5. Because of her outstanding and effective efforts at social reform as demonstrated in her work as co-founder of Hull House, ________ was a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.Each person in the population of interest has an equal chance of being chosen.


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