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  1. When Harry returned from a business meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, his wife asked him what he thought of the Vietnamese people. Harry replied, they're primitive people who eat roast dog, drive wildly around town on motor scooters, and talk very fast. Our culture is better than their's in comparision. Harry's reply best qualifies as an example of ________.
  2. The automobile, and the skills needed to drive it, would be an example of _______.
  3. The first person to propose that the scientific method could be applied to the study of social life was...
  4. What is the greatest flaw in using self-administered questionnaires for a research study?
  5. Traditionally, statuses men occupy (father, husband) are given greater prestige than those occupied by women (mother, wife). This awarding of privilege and prestige to one group while denying it to the other is called _______.
  1. a Technology
  2. b Social inequality
  3. c Ethnocentrism
  4. d The researcher loses control over the conditions in which they are administered.
  5. e Auguste Comte

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  1. Social Institutions
  2. Language
  3. Class conflict
  4. Play
  5. Social structure

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  1. According to Mead's theory of development, individuals who have a profound influence on the lives of another, such as parents or siblings, are referred to as _______.Significant others


  2. Most American high schools routinely schedule ceremonies to recognize the most talented student athletes and scholars. Such activities illustrate the importance that Americans place on the value of ________.Latent function


  3. The early European sociologist Emile Durkheim is most identified with which of the following areas of study?Social integration


  4. What quality did Max Weber stress as being the hallmark of social research?Total neutrality


  5. What two sociological perspectives are most linked to macrosociology?Unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than employed men.


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