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  1. The automobile, and the skills needed to drive it, would be an example of _______.
  2. Another term used for the stage of development called transitional adulthood which is between the ages of 18 and 29 is _______.
  3. The Smiths are going Christmas shopping for their two children, Dick and Jane. They plan to buy Dick a Tonka truck and Jane a Barbie doll. Their selection of toys for their children is an example of ________ by parents.
  4. Sociology first took root as an academic discipline at ________ in 1890.
  5. In the research model, the step in which the author of the research specifies what he or she wants to learn about the topic of study is called ________.
  1. a Gender socialization
  2. b Technology
  3. c The University of Kansas
  4. d Defining the problem
  5. e Adultolescence

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  1. Each person in the population of interest has an equal chance of being chosen.
  2. Reasoning skills
  3. Female; associate editor
  4. Social Institutions
  5. Interviewer bias

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  1. In 1906 sociologist William Sumner made the comment, One's own group is the center of everything, and all others are scaled and rated with reference to it. This statement is most aligned with the concept of ________.Ethnocentrism


  2. According to Piaget, when children are capable of abstract thinking they have reached the stage of development called the _______.Significant others


  3. Bumper sticker such as Proud Parent of an Honor Student and Warning: This Driver Convicted of DUI are both best described as being ______.Status symbols


  4. Although formal education is intended to transmit knowledge and skills, it unintentionally teaches students that the same rules apply to everyone. This universality reflects what sociologists describe as _______.Latent function


  5. Which of the following research errors is less prone to being classified as fraud and more likely to be considered as simply sloppy work?A driver signaling a right turn with his direction signals


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