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  1. As a third grader, Henry is reading stories about the American Revolution and how the early Americans were willing to fight to gain their freedom. According to conflict theorists, Henry is learning not only to read, but is also being taught lessons in patriotism and democracy. These lessons would be referred to by conflict theorists as _______.
  2. Which sociological perspectives are best to use in developing an accurate understanding of society?
  3. In the research model, the step in which the author of the research specifies what he or she wants to learn about the topic of study is called ________.
  4. The anthropologist recognized for his work on personal space was ______.
  5. Which of the following is not one of the five functional requisites that every society must fulfill to survive?
  1. a Maintaining traditional gender relations
  2. b No single perspective is best, all three must be utilized
  3. c Edward Hall
  4. d Part of the hidden curriculum in U.S. schools
  5. e Defining the problem

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  1. Value cluster
  2. Cultural Lag
  3. The University of Kansas
  4. Ethnocentrism
  5. Their location in the social structure is what has created the difference between Milo's and Jim's reaction.

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  1. Steve and Naomi are counting the empty whiskey bottles in trash cans to measure the level of whiskey consumption in town. They are observing people's behavior who do not know they are being studied. These researchers are using a method of research referred to as ________.Reliability


  2. What is the greatest flaw in using self-administered questionnaires for a research study?The researcher loses control over the conditions in which they are administered.


  3. Believing that all football players are academically challenged, that all African Americans are great athletes, and that all women can cook well are examples of _______.A driver signaling a right turn with his direction signals


  4. Traditionally, statuses men occupy (father, husband) are given greater prestige than those occupied by women (mother, wife). This awarding of privilege and prestige to one group while denying it to the other is called _______.Social inequality


  5. The organized, usual, or standard ways by which society meets its basic needs are referred to as ______.Social Institutions


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