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  1. Although formal education is intended to transmit knowledge and skills, it unintentionally teaches students that the same rules apply to everyone. This universality reflects what sociologists describe as _______.
  2. When sociologists group people into categories based on their age, gender, educational level, job and income, they are trying to determine their...
  3. The early European sociologist Emile Durkheim is most identified with which of the following areas of study?
  4. As societies grow larger, they divide work among members based on some standardized characteristic such as age or sex. This is referred to as _______.
  5. Bob's football coach is a very important influence in his life. Many of Bob's actions are attempts to win the approval of his coach. Mead would suggest that the coach is one of Bob's _______.
  1. a Significant others
  2. b Social integration
  3. c Social location
  4. d Division of labor
  5. e Latent function

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  1. Adultolescence
  2. Cultural Lag
  3. He wanted to protect his respondents
  4. Reasoning skills
  5. They are a group

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  1. Which of the following is an example of social interaction?Unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than employed men.


  2. What is the defining characteristic of a representative sample?Status provides the guidelines for how we are to act and feel.


  3. When we communicate information about ourselves, we use the social setting, our appearance, and manners to make impressions on others. Erving Goffman referred to these methods as _______.Sign vehicles


  4. Andrea is an aspiring associate editor for a major publisher. She is single but feels married to her work. Last year she received a $50,000 bonus for the excellent work she did in promoting new textbooks published by her employer. Based on this information, Andrea's ascribed status is ________ and her achieved status is _______.Each person in the population of interest has an equal chance of being chosen.


  5. If a researcher is using diaries (written sources) to collect information about the attitudes of rape victims, he or she is using ________ to collect their data.Documents


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