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  1. selegiline (used for)
  2. estradiol cypionate
  3. danazol (used for)
  4. insulin (mechanism)
  5. Glargine
  1. a treatment of pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism
  2. b intermediate acting insulin, better results in cats
  3. c promotes the uptake and utilization of glucose for energy in body cells, and storage of glucose in the liver as glycogen (lowers blood glucose)
  4. d estrogen
  5. e treatment of IMHA

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  1. anabolic steroid
  2. antithyroid drug
  3. used to evaluate thyroid gland function and to destroy hyperactive thyroid tissue
  4. cryptorchid animals, animals with testicular disease, animals with scrotal irritation
  5. anabolic steroid

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  1. testosterone (used for)to prevent estrus in adult female dogs not intended for breeding, treatment of false pregnancies (do not use in cats)


  2. anterior pituitary is responsible for:anorexia, cachexia, debilitation, anemia


  3. methimazole (side effects)hyper/hypoglycemia, PU/PD, vomiting, diarrhea


  4. danazolanabolic steroid


  5. semi-lentemonoamine oxidase inhibitor; increases synthesis and release of dopamine


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