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  1. glucocorticoids
  2. long-acting insulin
  3. antibacterials / antimicrobials
  4. pregnant mare serum (used for)
  5. signs of insulin overdose
  1. a lethargy, weakness, ataxia, potential seizures
  2. b growth promotants
  3. c help regulate nutrient levels in the blood, stimulate liver cells to produce glucose from amino acids and fat; ex: cortisol
  4. d maintains a long lasting blood level, insulin of choice for cats
  5. e produces estrus and ovulation within a few days in cown and horses, follicle stimulant

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  1. estrogen
  2. treatment of infertility and hypogonadism
  3. treat of pyometra, cause abortion, induce partruition
  4. to prevent estrus in adult female dogs not intended for breeding, treatment of false pregnancies (do not use in cats)
  5. progesterone

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  1. dexmethasone suppression test (used for)diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism


  2. stanazolanabolic steroid


  3. posterior pituitary secretes:antidiuretic hormone (ADH/vasopressin) and oxytocin


  4. long-acting insulin (duration of action)40 u/mL or 100 u/mL


  5. mineralocorticoidsregulate blood volume and electrolyte concentrations in the blood; ex: aldosterone


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