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  1. desoxycorticosterone
  2. short-acting insulin
  3. mibolerone
  4. dexmethasone suppression test (used for)
  5. estrogens (used for)
  1. a used initially to treat diabetic ketoacidosis and control blood glucose in emergency situations
  2. b androgenic compound (testosterone)
  3. c diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism
  4. d long-acting mineralocorticoid; used in conjunction with prednisone/prenisolone to treat hypoadrenocorticism
  5. e correction of urinary incontinence, vaginitis, and dermatitis in dogs that have had their ovaries removed

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  1. help regulate nutrient levels in the blood, stimulate liver cells to produce glucose from amino acids and fat; ex: cortisol
  2. cause the release of LH and FSH or stimulate their activity
  3. cryptorchid animals, animals with testicular disease, animals with scrotal irritation
  4. synthetic form of T3, used in animals that do not respond well to treatment with levothyroxine
  5. vomiting, anorexia, lethargy

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  1. mitotane (side effects)neurologic signs, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea


  2. NPHanabolic steroid


  3. long-acting insulin (duration of action)dogs - 6 to 28 hrs, cats - 6 to 24 hrs


  4. cloprostenol sodiumprostaglandin (cows only)


  5. hormonal implants (used for)in cows to reduce embryonic death, to block estrus in the dog, treatment of behavior disorders and some forms of dermatitis


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