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  1. estradiol cypionate
  2. hormonal implants (used for)
  3. Humulin N
  4. posterior pituitary secretes:
  5. Humulin U
  1. a antidiuretic hormone (ADH/vasopressin) and oxytocin
  2. b intermediate acting insulin
  3. c estrogen
  4. d long acting insulin
  5. e increase feed efficiency and weight gain in beef cattle

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  1. progesterone
  2. prostaglandin
  3. edema, electrolyte imbalance
  4. chemical substance produced by cells in one part of the body and transported to another part of the body where it influences and regulates cellular activity and organ function
  5. build muscle, decrease fat, reverse tissue breakdown

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  1. dexmethasone suppression test (used for)in cows to reduce embryonic death, to block estrus in the dog, treatment of behavior disorders and some forms of dermatitis


  2. thyroid stimulating hormone (used for)used in the diagnosis of primary hypothyroidism


  3. mibolerone (used for)correction of urinary incontinence, vaginitis, and dermatitis in dogs that have had their ovaries removed


  4. diazoxide (side effects)hyper/hypoglycemia, PU/PD, vomiting, diarrhea


  5. levothyroxine sodiumsynthetic form of T3, used in animals that do not respond well to treatment with levothyroxine


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