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  1. megestrol acetate (used for)
  2. gonadorelin (GnRH) (side effects)
  3. mibolerone
  4. mineralocorticoids
  5. estradiol cypionate
  1. a oral tablets used to postpone estrus, alleviate false pregnancies, treat behavior problems, treat skin problems
  2. b regulate blood volume and electrolyte concentrations in the blood; ex: aldosterone
  3. c androgenic compound (testosterone)
  4. d anaphylaxis
  5. e estrogen

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  1. short-acting insulin
  2. diagnosis of hypoadrenocorticism
  3. promotes the breakdown of liver glycogen into glucose (raises blood glucose)
  4. intermediate acting insulin
  5. treat of pyometra, cause abortion, induce partruition

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  1. fluprostenolprostaglandin (horses only)


  2. mibolerone (used for)to prevent estrus in adult female dogs not intended for breeding, treatment of false pregnancies (do not use in cats)


  3. anabolic steroids (used for)build muscle, decrease fat, reverse tissue breakdown


  4. methimazole (side effects)vomiting, anorexia, lethargy


  5. methimazoleantifungal that also blocks the enzymes needed to produce steroid compounds; used to treat hyperadrenocorticism


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