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  1. boldenone
  2. regular crystalline
  3. Glargine
  4. mibolerone
  5. diethylstilbestrol
  1. a anabolic steroid
  2. b intermediate acting insulin, better results in cats
  3. c estrogen
  4. d androgenic compound (testosterone)
  5. e short-acting insulin

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  1. regulate blood volume and electrolyte concentrations in the blood; ex: aldosterone
  2. gonadotropin
  3. used for control of blood glucose in uncomplicated diabetes mellitus
  4. build muscle, decrease fat, reverse tissue breakdown
  5. progesterone

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  1. hormonechemical substance produced by cells in one part of the body and transported to another part of the body where it influences and regulates cellular activity and organ function


  2. short-acting insulinused initially to treat diabetic ketoacidosis and control blood glucose in emergency situations


  3. desoxycorticosteronelong-acting mineralocorticoid; used in conjunction with prednisone/prenisolone to treat hypoadrenocorticism


  4. antibacterials / antimicrobials (mechanism)can improve the efficiency of a healthy animal's GI tract by changing its microbial population


  5. medroxyprogesterone acetate (used for)oral tablets used to postpone estrus, alleviate false pregnancies, treat behavior problems, treat skin problems


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