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  1. Twisting of a bowel on itself.
  2. Leads to distention of esophageal veins, resulting in esophageal varices, distention of rectal veins, resulting in hemorrhoids and distention of the splenic vein, resulting in splenomegaly.
  3. Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Caused by congestion of blood in the portal system.
  4. Complications that occur after ostomy surgery are ....

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  1. Use enteric precautionsA client has been diagnosed with infectious hepatitis. As the nurse caring for this client, you understand that to decrease your chance of acquiring this disease, you need to...


  2. AldactoneA potassium sparing diuretic; is used to decrease ascites and pleural effusion.


  3. LiverThe process of converting glycogen to glucose in response to low blood sugar is a function of the....


  4. thin yellow-green liquidThe output from an ileostomy usually is.....


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