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  1. Necesito vomitar
  2. Me siento mal
  3. Necesito una radiografía
  4. A mi amiga le duele el hombro
  5. A mi padre le duele el estómago
  1. a Your friend's shoulder hurts her
  2. b Your dad's stomach hurts him
  3. c You need an X-Ray
  4. d You need to vomit
  5. e You feel bad

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  1. You can't breathe
  2. You need pills
  3. Your wrist hurts you
  4. Your bone is broken
  5. You can't find the band-aids

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  1. Consumo muchas caloríasYou need pills


  2. Mi madre se está entrenando para un maratónYou mom is training for a marathon


  3. Me duele la rodillaYour knee hurts you


  4. Mi comida es nutrivaYour food is nutritious


  5. Mi almuerzo es saludableYour lunch is healthy


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