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  1. A mi padre le duele el estómago
  2. Estoy sudando
  3. Mi dedo está roto
  4. Me duele la rodilla
  5. Mi padre se mantiene sano
  1. a You are sweating
  2. b Your dad keeps himself healthy
  3. c Your finger is broken
  4. d Your dad's stomach hurts him
  5. e Your knee hurts you

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  1. You mom is training for a marathon
  2. You don't have energy
  3. Your legs are growing
  4. Your friends need to relax
  5. Your bone is broken

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  1. A mi amiga le duele el hombroYour dad's stomach hurts him


  2. Mi amigo Pablo tiene una infecciónYour friend Pablo has an infection


  3. No puedo encontrar las curitasYou can't find the band-aids


  4. Mi almuerzo es saludableYour lunch is healthy


  5. Se me rompió la narizYour nose is broken


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