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  1. la pieta
  2. how did niccolo machiavelli view human nature? how would you describe his attitude toward politics and governing?
  3. who was william the conqueror
  4. hellenistic? had to do with?
  5. to which historical periods did Renaissance artists and thinkers look for inspiration? Why?
  1. a humans are selfish in nature, survival of the fittest for royalty, all people of nobility needed to be ruthless and cruel to keep their positions and keep their country safe
  2. b a type of culture that blends greek culture with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences, alexander the great
  3. c michaelangelo
  4. d greek and roman because they emphasized people and heroes
  5. e he invaded england after his cousin king edward died, he fought in the battle of hastings against george goodwinson,he set the foundation for modern day government

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  1. donatello, 1508, feminine, after battle
  2. brunelleschi
  3. between the french and the english, french won
  4. a painting on wet plaster, sistine chapel
  5. art and learning

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  1. baby meansnew life


  2. sistine chapelmichaelangelo, bernini, boticelli, raphael, 1508 - 1512, book of genesis


  3. holy roman empirea land area controlled by a king that was appointed by the pope


  4. what is feudalisma system of governing and landowning based on mutual obligations, kings barons bishops dukes serfs


  5. why was the pelponnesian war foughtto be the most dominate city state


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