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  1. humanism
  2. what is a renaissance man? example? why?
  3. la pieta
  4. mona lisa
  5. what is fresco? example?
  1. a an intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics
  2. b a person who can do may things very well, in the renaissance the ideal man was a philosopher, a poet, a scholar, a scientist, an artist, and a soldier, leonardo da vinci
  3. c leonardo da vinci, 1504, smile and brush strokes
  4. d michaelangelo
  5. e a painting on wet plaster, sistine chapel

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  1. a type of culture that blends greek culture with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences, alexander the great
  2. new life
  3. italian and northern
  4. a land area controlled by a king that was appointed by the pope
  5. the statue of david, the sistine chapel, la pieta

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  1. who were the medicisa wealthy family who ruled the city of florence and owned a bank


  2. what was the inspiration for the architectural revolution across europethe pantheon in rome and the unfinished dome in florence


  3. name and describe the effects of the crusades of europethey reconnected europe with greek and roman knowledge, they advanced trade and advanced technology


  4. who was niccolo machiavelli and what did he write?a renaissance write and scholar, The Prince, which was a guide for any person of royalty


  5. describe the key political positions of the roman republicpower, influence, control of papacy


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