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  1. mona lisa
  2. what is the renaissance the rebirth of
  3. what was the trojan war? why did it occur?
  4. name and describe the effects of the crusades of europe
  5. la pieta
  1. a art and learning
  2. b michaelangelo
  3. c they reconnected europe with greek and roman knowledge, they advanced trade and advanced technology
  4. d leonardo da vinci, 1504, smile and brush strokes
  5. e .

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  1. provided sets of laws for the church
  2. athens
  3. attila the hun, economic hardships, barbarian invasions, civil strife, military problems
  4. raphael, 1505
  5. a division in the medieval roman catholic church where rival popes were established in rome that started in 1507

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  1. why was the pelponnesian war foughta deadly disease in the fourteenth century, transmitted by fleas and rats that spread across asia and europe, killing millions of people, causing symptoms of fever and chills, became known as the black death


  2. hellenistic? had to do with?consists of a local community and the surrounding countryside


  3. statue of daviddonatello, 1508, feminine, after battle


  4. who was augustus caesar1412 to 1431, a french girl who heard voices and saw visions of God that lead her to rescue france from its english conquerors, she led the french army to several victories, she was then captured, sold, and burned at the stake


  5. chivalryan intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics


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