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  1. Who was the third Japanese unifier?
  2. How were the ruling elites ranked? (What philosophy?)
  3. What does the word "samurai" mean?
  4. Who was supposed to be the supreme leader, but actually played a ceremonial role?
  5. Who was the second Japanese unifier?
  1. a Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  2. b Tokugawa Ieyasu
  3. c emperor
  4. d confucian
  5. e "ones who serve"

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  1. new crop strains, water control, irrigation, fertilizer
  2. stabilize realm, prevent more civil war
  3. blown off course
  4. "abundant provider"
  5. castles

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  1. What did the missionaries do that made the government kick them out? (2 things)seized Kyoto, tried to unite by killing rivals, suppressed power of Buddhist estates


  2. What did the daimyo like the most from what the Europeans had to offer?guns


  3. What important thing did Hideyoshi instate that really smelled of national unification?national currency


  4. What is the purpose of performing seppuku?proving loyalty/honor


  5. Was there equal rights for all?Daimyo of Edo


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