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  1. What does the word "daimyo" mean?
  2. What did Nobunaga do to try to unite the country? (3 things)
  3. Who held the greatest political power?
  4. What did Hideyoshi do to increase his territory?
  5. What was infanticide referred to as?
  1. a seized Kyoto, tried to unite by killing rivals, suppressed power of Buddhist estates
  2. b Built castle at Osaka, conquered everything to the south
  3. c thinning out the rice shoots
  4. d shogun
  5. e "great names"

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  1. blown off course
  2. Tokugawa Ieyasu
  3. Daimyo of Edo
  4. agriculture
  5. 100 yrs

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  1. What was euphemistically referred to as "thinning out the rice shoots?"infanticide


  2. What does the word "samurai" mean?"ones who serve"


  3. What year did the Europeans arrive in Japan?1543


  4. Who was supposed to be the supreme leader, but actually played a ceremonial role?emperor


  5. What was the Japanese reaction to the Europeans?interest


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