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  1. What did the daimyo like the most from what the Europeans had to offer?
  2. What does the word "daimyo" mean?
  3. What was infanticide referred to as?
  4. Who was the first great Japanese unifier?
  5. What did Hideyoshi do to increase his territory?
  1. a Oda Nobunaga
  2. b "great names"
  3. c Built castle at Osaka, conquered everything to the south
  4. d thinning out the rice shoots
  5. e guns

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  1. Tokugawa Ieyasu
  2. stabilize realm, prevent more civil war
  3. translations, wary government
  4. 1543
  5. emperor

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  1. How many daimyo were there in the Warring States Period?100 yrs


  2. Who was Oda Nobunaga before he started rampaging?thinning out the rice shoots


  3. Who held the greatest political power?shogun


  4. What does the name "Toyotomi" mean?"abundant provider"


  5. What is the modern name for the city of Edo?proving loyalty/honor


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