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  1. An industrialized county that is characterized bu a low fertility rate, low infant mortality rate, and a high per-capita income.
  2. The idea that humans share responsibility for the sustainable care and management of our planet.
  3. 1906 act that authorized the president to set aside land as national monument sites that have scientific, prehistoric, or historic value.
  4. The point at which the marginal cost of pollution equals the marginal cost of abatement. In other words, environmental harm meets the cost of reducing it.
  5. The additional cost associated with one more unit of something.
  6. A species in which the population is low enough for it to be at risk of becoming endangered.

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  1. Endemic SpeciesForeign species whose introduction causes economic or environmental harm.


  2. Cost BenefitPoint at which the marginal cost meets the cost of production.


  3. Invasive speciesLocalized, native species that are not found anywhere else.


  4. NEPANational Environmental Policy Act that acknowledges that the Federal government must consider the environmental impact of a proposed federal action. Provided the basis for EISs.


  5. Naturalizaed SpeciesA non-invasive species that is self-sustaining, but not considered harmful to native species.


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