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  1. American Congress of Governmental Industrial Hygienists/ACGIH
  2. Aneurysm hook
  3. Aerosolization
  4. Asphyxia
  5. Center of venous drainage
  1. a is an organization of professional personnel in governmental agencies or educational institutions who are employed in occupational safety and health programs.
  2. b to disperse as an aerosol; minute particles of blood and water become atomized and suspended in air when water under pressure meets the blood drainage or when flushing an uncovered flush sink.
  3. c right atrium of the heart.
  4. d an embalming instrument that is used for blunt dissection and in raising vessels.
  5. e insufficient intake of oxygen resulting from numerous causes.

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  1. mixture of arterial (vascular) fluid and water which is used for the arterial injection and may include supplemental fluids.
  2. fatty degeneration or thickening of the walls of the larger arteries occurring in atherosclerosis.
  3. (Obesity) Having an abnormal amount of fat on the body.
  4. crackling sensation produced when gasses trapped in tissues are palpated, as in subcutaneous emphysema or tissue gas.
  5. product of decomposition of fats.

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  1. Buffersto bluntly adjoin another structure; for example, the line of eye closure


  2. Cavitationwithdrawal of gas, fluids, and semi-solids from body cavities and hollow viscera by means of suction with an aspirator and a trocar.


  3. Death rattlerendered thoroughly dry; exhausted of moisture.


  4. Abutirreversible cessation of brain activity and loss of consciousness; death beginning at the brain.


  5. Concurrent disinfectiondisinfection practices carried out during the embalming process.


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