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  1. Coinjection fluid
  2. Blood vascular system
  3. Aerosolization
  4. Cremated remains
  5. Cellular death
  1. a fluid used primarily to supplement and enhance the action of vascular (arterial) solutions.
  2. b circulatory network composed of the heart, arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins.
  3. c death of the individual cells of the body.
  4. d to disperse as an aerosol; minute particles of blood and water become atomized and suspended in air when water under pressure meets the blood drainage or when flushing an uncovered flush sink.
  5. e Those elements remaining after cremation of a dead human body

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  1. method of injection/drainage in which embalming solution is injected and then injection is stopped while drainage is open.
  2. process developed by the ancient Egyptians of preserving a person's body after death
  3. tube used to inject embalming fluid into the body vascular system.
  4. substances that bind metallic ions such as Ethylenediaminetetracetic acid (ETDA) used as an anticoagulant in embalming solutions.
  5. a group of chemicals used in addition to vascular (arterial) and cavity embalming fluids; most are applied to the body surface. Includes but is not limited to hardening compounds, preservative powders, sealing agents, mold preventative agents, and pack application agents.

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  1. Digitsfingers and toes; the thumb is #1 digit for each hand and the large toe is the #1 digit for each foot


  2. Canalizationformation of new channels in a tissue


  3. Actual pressurethat pressure indicated by the injector gauge needle when the arterial tube is open and the arterial solution is flowing into the body.


  4. Cadavercoloring agent; substances which will, upon being dissolved, impart a definite color to the embalming solution; dyes are classified as to their capacity to permanently impart color to the tissue of the body into which they are injected.


  5. Diffusion (arterial solution)mixture of arterial (vascular) fluid and water which is used for the arterial injection and may include supplemental fluids.


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