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  1. Anterior superior iliac spine
  2. Drench shower
  3. Blood
  4. Autolysis
  5. Dye
  1. a cell-containing fluid that circulates through the blood vascular system and is composed of approximately 22% solids and 78% water.
  2. b self-destruction of cells; decomposition of all tissues by enzymes of their own formation without microbial assistance.
  3. c a bony protuberance that can be palpated topographically, found on the ilium, the superior broad portion of the hip bone; the origin of the inguinal ligament and the sartorius muscle.
  4. d OSHA required safety device for a release of a copious amount of water in a short period of time
  5. e coloring agent; substances which will, upon being dissolved, impart a definite color to the embalming solution; dyes are classified as to their capacity to permanently impart color to the tissue of the body into which they are injected.

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  1. a cancer-causing chemical or material.
  2. composition of proteins by enzymes of aerobic bacteria; aerobic proteolysis
  3. irreversible cessation of brain activity and loss of consciousness; death beginning at the brain.
  4. direct treatment, other than vascular (arterial) injection, of the contents of the body cavities and the lumina of the hollow viscera; usually accomplished by aspiration and injection of chemicals using a trocar.
  5. agent that has the ability to inhibit or retard bacterial growth. No destruction of viability of the microorganism is implied.

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  1. Electrocardiogram/ECG/EKGareas of embalmed tissue where excessive dehydration has occurred.


  2. Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease/CJDdisease of the central nervous system with unknown etiology assumed to be caused by a prion.


  3. Discolorationany abnormal color in or upon the human body.


  4. Anaerobicbefore or in front of; an anatomical term of position and direction which denotes the front or forward part.


  5. Boil (furuncle)acute, deep-seated inflammation in the skin, which usually begins as a subcutaneous swelling in a hair follicle.


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