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  1. Extravascular
  2. Articulation
  3. Contagious disease
  4. Center of venous drainage
  5. Blunt dissection
  1. a outside the blood vascular system
  2. b place of union between two or more bones.
  3. c separation and pushing aside of the superficial fascia leading to blood vessels and then the deep fascia surrounding blood vessels, utilizing manual techniques or round-ended instruments that separate rather than cut the protective tissues.
  4. d disease that may be transmitted between individuals, with reference to the organism that causes a disease.
  5. e right atrium of the heart.

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  1. descriptive references for locating arteries and veins by means of anatomical structures which are known.
  2. direct treatment, other than vascular (arterial) injection, of the contents of the body cavities and the lumina of the hollow viscera; usually accomplished by aspiration and injection of chemicals using a trocar.
  3. noise made by a moribund person caused by air passing through a residue of mucous in the trachea and posterior oral cavity
  4. agent that has the ability to inhibit or retard bacterial growth. No destruction of viability of the microorganism is implied.
  5. method of injection/drainage in which embalming solution is injected and then injection is stopped while drainage is open.

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  1. Environmental Protection Agency/EPAa protein whose structure has been changed by a physical or chemical agent


  2. Autolytic Enzymetube used to inject embalming fluid into the body vascular system.


  3. Electric spatulaprolongation of the last violent contraction of the muscles into the rigidity of death.


  4. Eyewash stationremoval of the eye for tissue transplantation, research, and education.


  5. Environmentsurroundings, conditions, or influences that affect an organism or the cells within an organism.


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