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  1. Cavity fluid
  2. Biohazardous waste (infectious waste)
  3. Corpulence
  4. Algor mortis
  5. Cribriform plate
  1. a (Obesity) Having an abnormal amount of fat on the body.
  2. b postmortem cooling of the body due to the surrounding temperature.
  3. c Bloodborne pathogens, blood or body fluids, exposure, any potentially infective, contaminated waste associated with the preparation of human remains that constitutes a hazard to humans in the workplace.
  4. d concentrated embalming chemicals which are injected into the cavities of the body following the aspiration in cavity embalming. Cavity fluid can also be used as the chemical in hypodermic and surface embalming.
  5. e thin, medial portion of the ethmoid bone of the skull

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  1. Biological agent or condition that constitutes a hazard to humans.
  2. separation of substances in solution by the difference in their rates of diffusion through a semipermeable membrane
  3. application of chemical reagents in the treatment of disease in humans, causing an elevated preservation demand.
  4. in front of the elbow/in the bend of the elbow.
  5. localized abnormal dilation of, or pocketing, of a blood vessel resulting from a congenital defect or a weakness of the vessel wall.

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  1. Center for Disease Control and Prevention/CDCP (CDC)major agency of the Department of Health and Human Services, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, concerned with all phases of control of communicable, vector-borne, and occupational diseases.


  2. Agonal periodperiod immediately before somatic death


  3. Angular Spring Forcepsan embalming instrument that is used for blunt dissection and in raising vessels, which has an eye in the hook portion of the instrument for placing ligatures around the vessels.


  4. Agonal translocation (Translocation)an agonal or postmortem redistribution of host microflora on a hostwide basis.


  5. Cellular deathdeath of the individual cells of the body.


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