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  1. semantic feature analysis
  2. synonyms
  3. word consciousness
  4. antonyms
  5. semantic maps
  1. a words that have similar meanings
  2. b graphic representations of relationships among words and phrases in written materials
  3. c words that have opposite meanings
  4. d a technique in which the presence or absence of particular features in the meaning of a word is indicated through symbols on achart, making it possible to compare word meanings
  5. e having awareness of and interest in words and word meanings

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  1. giving human qualities to animals or objects
  2. a preexisting knowledge structure developed about a thing, place, or idea
  3. extreme exaggeration
  4. the origin and history of words
  5. two words are spelled alike and sound alike, but have different meanings

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  1. metaphorthe origin and history of words


  2. homophonesThe smallest units of meaning in a language.


  3. allusionAn indirect reference to a person, place, thing or event considered to be known to the reader


  4. meaning vocabularywords for which meanings are understood


  5. word sortgraphic representations of the relationships among words that are constructed by connecting the related terms with lines


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