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  1. benign
  2. anomaly
  3. belligerent
  4. blase'
  5. bedlam
  1. a bored, not interested
  2. b A state or scene of uproar and confusion
  3. c stubborn in an angry way, hard to manage
  4. d non-cancerous, good,
  5. e an abnormal, irregular fact or occurrence

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  1. a complicated system of rules; "red tape"
  2. an angry argument
  3. kind, gentle, helpful
  4. indirect reference
  5. warlike in manner or temperament; quarrelsome

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  1. annihilationcomplete destruction


  2. agnosticone who doubts the existence of God


  3. autonomystory, play, or picture in which characters are used as symbols; fable


  4. cardiacof, or related to the heart


  5. accordrevenge,, to get revenge for, get even for, settle a score; to punish someone or get satisfaction for a wrong or injury


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