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  1. Holes or soft spots
  2. Erosion
  3. Acid rain
  4. Surface area
  5. Chemical
  1. a The movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, or gravity
  2. b Rain with a lower pH than normal rain
  3. c Physical weathering breaks rock into smaller pieces so more ___ is exposed on the rocks to chemical weathering
  4. d Chemical weathering makes ___ in rock which makes the rock break apart easier
  5. e Weathering that breaks down rock through chemical changes

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  1. Carbonic acid easily weathers ____.
  2. Pioneer plants that are the first to grow onto bare rock.
  3. Weathering that physically breaks down rocks into smaller pieces.
  4. Given enough time, physical weathering can wear away whole ___.
  5. This can cause rocks with iron in them to rust (oxidation)

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  1. Type of Rock AND ClimateCarbonic acid easily weathers ____.


  2. Carbonic acidCO2 dissolved in rainwater can become ___.


  3. Weathering & ErosionWork TOGETHER to wear down and carry away rocks at Earth's surface


  4. AbrasionThe movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, or gravity


  5. SlowlyPhysical weathering works ___.


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