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  1. bronchoscopy
  2. eupnea
  3. polysomnography
  4. pneumothorax
  5. diaphragm
  1. a normal breathing
  2. b process of recording many tests while sleeping
  3. c muscle that aides in breathing
  4. d visual examination of bronchi
  5. e air in chest causing collapse of the lung

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  1. membranous partition between two body cavity organs between lungs
  2. blood in the chest (pleural cavity()
  3. inflammation of the nose
  4. infection acquired during hospitilization
  5. abnormal conditino of dust in the lungs

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  1. thoracicabsence of O2


  2. pleaural effusionfluid in pleural space caused by a disease or trauma


  3. nebulizernormal breathing


  4. aspiratewithdraw/suction fluid and draw foreign material into respiratory tract


  5. tracheortomyvisual examination of bronchi


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