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  1. mucopurulent
  2. laryngoscope
  3. epistaxis
  4. anoxia
  5. nebulizer
  1. a instrument used for visual exam of the larynx
  2. b nosebleed
  3. c device that creates a mist used to deliver meds for respiratory treatment
  4. d containing both mucous and pus
  5. e absence of O2

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  1. abnormal buildup of fluid in the air sacs of the lungs shortness of breath
  2. deprivation of O2 for tissues uses suffication
  3. ventilation of the lungs doesnt fulfill body's gas exchange needs
  4. surgery in wind pipe to relieve obstruction of breathing
  5. open / allowing the passage of air

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  1. atelectasisnosebleed


  2. thoracicpertaining to chest


  3. polysomnographyprocess of recording many tests while sleeping


  4. eupneanormal breathing


  5. pneumothoraxair in chest causing collapse of the lung


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