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  1. Cor pulmonale
  2. polysomnography
  3. diaphragm
  4. orthopnea
  5. atelectasis
  1. a muscle that aides in breathing
  2. b able to breathe easier in a straight position
  3. c cardiac disease associated with lung disorders
  4. d incomplete expansion
  5. e process of recording many tests while sleeping

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  1. condition from acute obstruction of larynx characterized by barking cough hoarseness
  2. air sacs at end of bronchioles
  3. membranous partition between two body cavity organs between lungs
  4. visual examination of bronchi
  5. difficulty breathing

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  1. paroxysmperiodic sudden attack


  2. hemothoraxblood in the chest (pleural cavity()


  3. pulmonary embolismblockage of the main artery in lungsby fat, air, blood,


  4. thoracicabsence of O2


  5. hypoventilationventilation of the lungs doesnt fulfill body's gas exchange needs


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