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  1. pulmonary edema
  2. atelectasis
  3. rhinitis
  4. pleura
  5. patent
  1. a abnormal buildup of fluid in the air sacs of the lungs shortness of breath
  2. b double folded serous membrane
  3. c inflammation of the nose
  4. d open / allowing the passage of air
  5. e incomplete expansion

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  1. process of recording many tests while sleeping
  2. visual examination of bronchi
  3. blockage of the main artery in lungsby fat, air, blood,
  4. narrowing of the trachea
  5. containing both mucous and pus

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  1. alveoluscondition from acute obstruction of larynx characterized by barking cough hoarseness


  2. nebulizerdevice that creates a mist used to deliver meds for respiratory treatment


  3. laryngoscopevisual examination of bronchi


  4. pneumoconiosisinsertion of a hollow needle into pleural cavity of the chest to drain pleural fluid


  5. nosocomial infectionfluid in pleural space caused by a disease or trauma


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