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  1. New Product Development Process
  2. Skimming Strategy
  3. Company Benefits of Branding
  4. Product Life Cycle Stages
  5. Experience Marketing
  1. a Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline
  2. b implement a high initial price and eventually lessen it
  3. c induce loyalty, allow for premium pricing, allow single firm to pursue multiple targets
  4. d idea generation, refinement, obtain feedback, use results to develop prototype, test market on small scale, launch
  5. e the experience is the primary purchase, rather than a good/service

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  1. introduce a new brand for every product line (P&G)
  2. need some trial or consumption before evaluation
  3. individuals/firms involved in the process of making a product/service "available" for use or consumption
  4. order, handle, ship
  5. affectively, intellectually and behaviorally

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  1. Channel Memberspartners that are downstream


  2. Brandstarts with a name; marketers should chose brand names that convey brand information; brand name meaning built over time; invoke a certain image


  3. Price Fluctuationsestablishes the initial price for a product and the intended direction for price movements over the product life cycle


  4. Big Fiverevenue minus expenses


  5. Double Marginalizationwhen the manufacturer wants a markup and the retailer wants a second markup


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