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  1. Supply and Demand
  2. Break Even Pt Qty
  3. Profit
  4. House of Brands Approach
  5. Unitary Elasticity
  1. a fixed cost / (unit selling price - unit variable cost)
  2. b increases as price increases; demand increased when price increases
    (price x demand) - (fixed costs) - (variable costs x demand)
  3. c Demand tends to decrease as price increases
  4. d introduce a new brand for every product line (P&G)
  5. e increase in sales exactly offsets a decrease in prices, so total revenue remains the same

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  1. produces two key product lines: health care personal goods and beauty personal goods
  2. temporary cuts may be negative; coupons only relevant to clippers
  3. customers buy more of a product when the price changes
  4. two companies collaborating in a joint venture to create a good or service for the customer
  5. retailer can offer decent quality for lower prices

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  1. Search Qualitiesattributes that may be evaluated prior to a purchase as the customer learns about competitive offerings


  2. Product Oriented Activitiesstorage, display


  3. Distribution Networkconsumers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers


  4. Vertical IntegrationWhen manufactures competes with its partners


  5. Pricestarts with a name; marketers should chose brand names that convey brand information; brand name meaning built over time; invoke a certain image


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