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  1. Supply and Demand
  2. Unitary Elasticity
  3. Break Even Pt Qty
  4. Intangibility
  5. Brand Personalities
  1. a increase in sales exactly offsets a decrease in prices, so total revenue remains the same
  2. b determines whether a product is a pure good, pure service or hybrid of both
  3. c fixed cost / (unit selling price - unit variable cost)
  4. d Demand tends to decrease as price increases
  5. e capture specific info about the brand and holistic perceptions of the brand

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  1. Consumer tastes
    Price and availability of similar products
    Consumer income
  2. changing of the price based on the day, time, week, and even season (airlines)
  3. starts with a name; marketers should chose brand names that convey brand information; brand name meaning built over time; invoke a certain image
  4. need some trial or consumption before evaluation
  5. order, handle, ship

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  1. How to Pick a good Brand Nameinduce loyalty, allow for premium pricing, allow single firm to pursue multiple targets


  2. Skimming Strategyincentives are offered to distribution partners to push products through the channel; targets suppliers


  3. Bottom Up Approachcustomer and company co-create products


  4. Distribution Channelnetwork of firms which are interconnected, provides sellers access to goods/services and buyers a means of purchasing those goods


  5. Exchangecan be either a good or service; central offering in the marketing exchange


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