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  1. Internal rhyme
  2. Euphony
  3. Dissonance
  4. End-stopped line
  5. Quatrain
  1. a natural pause at the end of a verse due to punctuation
  2. b rhyme within a single line of poetry
  3. c a harsh and disagreeable combination; disharmonious sound; discord
  4. d a four line stanza
  5. e pleasant, harmonious sounds

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  1. the shift or point of dramatic change in a poem
  2. a group of lines (usually 4 or more) in a poem that form a single unit
  3. the repetition of initial consonant sounds in successive or neighboring words
  4. a break or pause in a line of poetry
  5. Repetition of vowel sounds within two or more words in close proximity

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  1. Conceita powerful extended metaphor in poetry


  2. External rhymerhyme within a single line of poetry


  3. Heroic Couplettwo lines of rhyming iambic pentameter


  4. End rhymerhyme within a single line of poetry


  5. Elegya mournful poem lamenting someone who is dead (elegaic)


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