Chapter 2 Neuroscience and Biological Foundations

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Interdisciplinary field studying how biological processes relate to behavioral and mental processes


Receive and transmit electrochemical infomation and neuroglia which serve a supporting role

Glial cells

Cells that provide structural, nutritional, and other support for the neurons, as well as communication within the nervous system; also called glia or neuroglia


Brancing neuron structures that receive neural impulses from other neurons and convey impulses toward the cell body

Cell Body

Part of the neuron containing the cell nucleus, as well as other structures that help the neuron carry out its functions; also known as the soma


Long, tubelike structures that conveys impulses away from the neuron's cell body toward other neurons or to muscles or glands

Myelin Sheath

Layer of fatty insulation wrapped around the axom of some neurons, which increases the rate at which nerve impulses travel along the axon.

Terminal Buttons

Of axom form junctions with other cells and release chemicals called neurotransmitters

Electrical recording and stimulation

What do scientists use to characterize neutral communication?

The neuronal membrane

This is a bi-layer of two sheets of amphilpilic molecules.

Choline-phosphate head group; cholesterol tail

This is hydrophilic but ___ is hydrophobic.

Action potential

Within/along an axon, communication occurs through this- neural impulse that carries information along the axon of a neuron;electrical

Axon hillock

The action potential begins here also known as the initial segment.

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