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  1. emesis
  2. transdermic
  3. benign
  4. celiotomy
  5. erythrocytopenia
  1. a mild, not cancerous
  2. b is the surgical procedure of making an incision into the abdominal cavity.
  3. c denotes a defieciency of red blood cells
  4. d vomiting
  5. e pertais to across the skin

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  1. angle at the end of the eyelid
  2. against, counter
  3. surgical incision of the lobe
  4. sensation
  5. slowness of the heartbeat

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  1. stenosisdenotes the naming of a usually of a duct or canal


  2. vasovessel


  3. odonttooth


  4. transslow


  5. myringoscopyis the study of the semen


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