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  1. gala
  2. elated
  3. chagrin
  4. nostalgia
  5. haggard
  1. a characterized by festivity
  2. b embarrassment; mortification; disappointment
  3. c in high spirits; joyful
  4. d careworn; gaunt
  5. e homesickness; yearning for the past

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  1. merry; cheerful; lighthearted
  2. chubby and innocent-looking
  3. showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing
  4. homesick
  5. fond of eating and drinking with friends; sociable

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  1. buoykeep afloat; raise the spirits of; encourage


  2. dolefulcausing grief or sadness; mournful


  3. pensiveshowing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing


  4. burlyperfect happiness


  5. svelteslender; lithe


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