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  1. curry; favor
  2. fulsome
  3. pensive
  4. nostalgia
  5. ingratiate
  1. a offensive because of insincerity; repulsive; disgusting
  2. b thoughtful in a sad way; melancholy
  3. c seek to gain favor by flattery
  4. d to work oneself into favor
  5. e homesickness; yearning for the past

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  1. pitiable; rueful
  2. persuade by pleasant words; wheedle; coax
  3. mourn; deplore
  4. keep afloat; raise the spirits of; encourage
  5. quality in events or in art that arouses pity

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  1. disgruntledashamed; mortified


  2. elationstate of being elated; euphoria


  3. dejectedsad; in low spirits; depressed; downcast


  4. galalean; lank


  5. convivialityfond of eating and drinking with friends; sociable


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