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  1. rotation
  2. meatus
  3. abduction
  4. inversion
  5. trochanter
  1. a a large, somewhat blunt process
  2. b a canal
  3. c partial revolving of body part on part's axis
  4. d moving extremity laterally (away from midline)
  5. e soles of feet face each other

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  1. immovable joints
  2. Smooth, nearly flat articulate surface
  3. rounded projection that articulates with another bone
  4. sharp projection or bony ridge
  5. a cavity or hollow space within a bone

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  1. diarthrosesimmovable joints


  2. spinea cavity or hollow space within a bone


  3. fossaa depression or dent


  4. Flexionbring two end portions of extremity closer together


  5. elevationclosing mouth, raising shoulders (upward)


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