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  1. meatus
  2. suture
  3. Epicondyle
  4. depression
  5. Fissure
  1. a small projection on or above a condyle
  2. b a canal
  3. c a line that joins two bones
  4. d opening of mouth, lowering of shoulders
  5. e narrow passageway

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  1. freely movable joints
  2. a large, somewhat blunt process
  3. a depression or dent
  4. a cavity or hollow space within a bone
  5. slightly movable joints

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  1. elevationpartial revolving of body part on part's axis


  2. eversionsoles of feet face away from each other


  3. synarthrosesfreely movable joints


  4. retractionprotruding or pushing forward


  5. inversionsoles of feet face away from each other


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