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  1. Matter
  2. Chemical Changes
  3. Pure Substances
  4. Homogeneous
  5. Table Sugar
  1. a Matter composed of only one kind of atom or one kind of molecule. Can either be an element or compound.
  2. b Changes that alter the composition of the matter.
  3. c Homogenous
  4. d Matter that is uniform throughout
  5. e Anything that occupies space and has mass

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  1. Homogeneous
  2. Simplest form of matter and serves as building blocks for all the more complex substances.
  3. Depends on amount
  4. Mixtures
  5. Heat is absorbed

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  1. Physical PropertiesCharacteristics that determine how the composition of matter changes


  2. Kinetic EnergyEnergy in Motion, or energy that is being transferred.


  3. CompoundPure substance that contain two or more elements chemically combined in fixed proportion.


  4. IntensiveDepends on amount


  5. Chemical propertiesCharacteristics that determine how the composition of matter changes


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