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  1. Caesar Salad
  2. Separate into componenets by Physical Means
  3. Antoine Lavoisier
  4. Table sugar and Black pepper mixed
  5. Homogeneous
  1. a Heterogeneous
  2. b Heterogenous
  3. c Matter that is uniform throughout
  4. d Mixtures
  5. e Law of Conservation of Mass

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  1. Homogenous
  2. Compound
  3. Homogenous
  4. Changes that alter the composition of the matter.
  5. Stored Energy

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  1. Oil and Vinegar Salad DressingLaw of Conservation of Mass


  2. ExtensiveDepends on amount


  3. HeterogeneousMatter that is non uniform throughout


  4. EndothermicHeat is released


  5. IntensiveNature of Material


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