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  1. Separate into components by chemical means
  2. Element
  3. Energy
  4. Intensive
  5. Exothermic
  1. a Anything that has the capacity to do work.
  2. b Simplest form of matter and serves as building blocks for all the more complex substances.
  3. c Nature of Material
  4. d Compounds
  5. e Heat is released

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  1. Energy in Motion, or energy that is being transferred.
  2. Homogeneous
  3. Stored Energy
  4. Heterogenous
  5. The characteristics of matter that can be observed without changing its composition

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  1. Sugar and Coffee dissolved in waterHeterogeneous


  2. Pure SubstancesMatter composed of only one kind of atom or one kind of molecule. Can either be an element or compound.


  3. HeterogeneousMatter that is uniform throughout


  4. EndothermicHeat is released


  5. Physical ChangesChanges that alter the composition of the matter.


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