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  1. Cl 2
  2. Potential Energy
  3. Extensive
  4. Separate into components by chemical means
  5. Weight
  1. a Force with which an object of a certain mass is attracted by gravity to the earth.
  2. b Stored Energy
  3. c Depends on amount
  4. d Compounds
  5. e Element

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  1. Characteristics that determine how the composition of matter changes
  2. Homogenous
  3. Anything that has the capacity to do work.
  4. Heterogeneous
  5. Heterogeneous

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  1. A brown-red liquid that, when energy is applied to it causes only physical changes in the material, not chemical.Mixtures


  2. Apple JuiceHomogeneous


  3. IntensiveNature of Material


  4. Chocolate Chip CookieHomogeneous


  5. HomogeneousMatter that is non uniform throughout


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