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  1. Once the solution is in the cortex
  2. Half off base placement
  3. Towel blot hair after rinsing
  4. An indication of the strength of the side bonds that hold the individual fibers of the hair in place
  5. Usually about 12" long with a uniform diameter along the entire length of the rod
  1. a Solution breaks down the disulfide bonds through a reduction reaction
  2. b Loop or circle rod
  3. c Hair is wrapped at a 90 degree angle or straight out from the center of the section; minimizes stress and tension on the hair
  4. d Elasticity
  5. e Gently

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  1. Use an ingredient that does not evaporate as readily as ammonia; low odor with use
  2. Measures the number of hairs per square inch on the head to determine whether a client has fine, medium or thick hair.
  3. 4.5 - 5.5
  4. Formed by peptide bonds that are linked together
  5. Hair length
    Hair texture
    Hair color
    Hair condition

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  1. The position of the rod in relation to its base section, and it is determined by the angle at which the hair is wrappedBase placement


  2. If there are minor skin abrasions or scalp disease...Solution


  3. Peptide bondsEnd bonds; link amino acids together in long chains


  4. Equal in diameter along their entire length or curling areaHow do you avoid "fishhooks"


  5. Reducing agent used in permanent waving solutionsThio


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