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  1. Medula
  2. Hair strand is wound around the rod, going from the ends to the scalp
  3. Straight rods produce what type of curl?
  4. Polypeptide chains
  5. During a scalp analysis, look for...
  1. a Croquignole
  2. b Cuts, scratches, open sores, redness or flaking
  3. c Formed by peptide bonds that are linked together
  4. d Uniform curl along the entire width of the strand
  5. e Often called the pith or core of the hair and does not play a role in structuring or restructuring the hair.

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  1. Become fully saturated with just one application of waving solution
  2. The middle layer of the hair; responsible for the strength and elasticity of the hair.
  3. Oxidative reactions can lighten hair color
  4. Deactivation of any solution left in the hair
    Rebuild disulfide bonds
  5. a. Permanent waving
    b. Relaxing
    c. curl re-forming

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  1. True acid waves were introducedFor at least 5 minutes


  2. Elasticity is usually classified asWithin the first 5-10 minutes of the service


  3. Most common neutralizerRebuilds disulfide bonds by removing the extra hydrogen atoms.


  4. Elasticity of the hair determines its ability toHold curl


  5. The degree of porosity is directly related to the condition of theReducing agent


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