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  1. Thioglycolic acid
  2. Usually about 12" long with a uniform diameter along the entire length and a stiff wire that allows them to bend into almost any shape
  3. Texture
  4. The most common type of perm rod; have a smaller diameter in the center that increases to a larger circumference on the ends
  5. Elasticity
  1. a Soft bender rods
  2. b The diameter of a hair strand
  3. c Most common reducing agent
  4. d Concave rods
  5. e How far the hair stretches before breaking and how well it returns to its original shape

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  1. Wrap in the natural direction of hair growth
  2. Loop or circle rod
  3. Hair is wrapped at a 45 degree angle below the center of the base section; creates the least amount of volume and results in a curl pattern that begins farthest away from the scalp.
  4. Normal to low
  5. Hydrogen peroxide

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  1. If there are minor skin abrasions or scalp disease...DO NOT PROCEED with the chemical texture services


  2. Ammonia-free wavesUse an ingredient that does not evaporate as readily as ammonia; low odor with use


  3. Additional processing time allowsUse a gentle stream of warm water


  4. The amount of processing during a permanent wave is determined by theStrength of the permanent waving solution


  5. Absorbent papers used to control the ends of the hair when wrapping and winding hair on the perm rodsEnd wraps


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