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  1. Most common neutralizer
  2. Course hair naturally looks
  3. During a scalp analysis, look for...
  4. Thio neutralization
  5. Metallic salts leave a coating on the hair that may cause what three things?
  1. a The process of stopping the action of a permanent waving solution; rebuilds hair into its new form
  2. b Hydrogen peroxide
  3. c Cuts, scratches, open sores, redness or flaking
  4. d Thicker and fuller
  5. e 1. Uneven curls
    2. Severe discoloration
    3. Hair breakage

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  1. The size of the curl
  2. Loop or circle rod
  3. Hair is wrapped at a 90 degree angle or straight out from the center of the section; minimizes stress and tension on the hair
  4. Add CURL to straight hair, STRAIGHTEN overly curly hair, or SOFTEN coarse hair.
  5. DO NOT PROCEED with the chemical texture services

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  1. DensityThe hair's ability to absorb moisture


  2. Strength of any permanent wave is based on the concentration of itsThe size of the curl


  3. Has a raised cuticle layer that easily absorbsThicker and fuller


  4. NeutralizerLong, coiled polypeptide chains


  5. Neither resistant nor overly porousNormal porosity


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