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  1. Most common neutralizer
  2. Step one of a perm
  3. Determines the strength of the permanent waving solution
  4. Reduction reaction in permanent waving
  5. Half off base placement
  1. a Section hair into panels
  2. b Hydrogen peroxide
  3. c Hair is wrapped at a 90 degree angle or straight out from the center of the section; minimizes stress and tension on the hair
  4. d Hydrogen is added
  5. e Concentration of thio

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  1. Wrap in the natural direction of hair growth
  2. Hold curl
  3. How the hair naturally lays
  4. Rebuilds disulfide bonds by removing the extra hydrogen atoms.
  5. are not compatible with permanent waving.

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  1. Under processed hairHair is curly at the scalp and straight at the ends


  2. Single flat wrapMore fragile; easier to process


  3. Two important functions of neutralizationDeactivation of any solution left in the hair
    Rebuild disulfide bonds


  4. During a scalp analysis, look for...Cuts, scratches, open sores, redness or flaking


  5. In permanent waving, the size of the rod determinesThe size of the curl


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