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  1. Amino acids
  2. Neutralizer
  3. Most common neutralizer
  4. Off base placement
  5. Thio neutralization
  1. a The process of stopping the action of a permanent waving solution; rebuilds hair into its new form
  2. b compounds made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen
  3. c Hydrogen peroxide
  4. d Rebuilds disulfide bonds by removing the extra hydrogen atoms.
  5. e Hair is wrapped at a 45 degree angle below the center of the base section; creates the least amount of volume and results in a curl pattern that begins farthest away from the scalp.

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  1. usually more resistant to processing
  2. Polypeptide chains to shift into their new configuration
  3. The diameter of a hair strand
  4. Become fully saturated with just one application of waving solution
  5. Tough exterior layer of the hair; surrounds the inner layers and protects the hair from damage.

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  1. Once the solution is in the cortexBreaks disulfide bonds by adding hydrogen atoms to the sulfur atoms.


  2. KeratinLong, coiled polypeptide chains


  3. Metallic saltsMix 1 oz of 20v peroxide with 20 drops of 20% ammonia. Immerse 20+ strands of hair n the solution for 30 minutes. Slight lightening = no metallic salts. Rapid lightening and foul smell = metallic salts


  4. Has a tight, compact cuticle that resist penetration7.8 and 8.2


  5. The amount of processing during a permanent wave is determined by thea. Exactly what the client expects
    b. What is possible


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