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  1. What is Tradition?
  2. faith
  3. What are two types of adult stage?
  4. bishops has a direct line to....
  5. Monotheism
  1. a teachings of the Church that are handed down
  2. b affirms existence of one god
  3. c way of perceiving God in our human experience
  4. d 1. Early adult stage
    2. Mature adult stage
  5. e apostolic line "go out and do my teachings"

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  1. risks:
    1. risks i can afford to take
    2. risks i cant afford to take
    3. risks i must take
    4. risks i cant afford not to take
  2. *Faith of your parents
    *All needs taken care of
    *Selfish faith - my needs met in prayer
    *God can fix anything
    *Behavior is regulated from the outside - in
    *Parents teach the child and then they learn to regulate themselves
    *Faith by birth
    *Culture influences beliefs
    *Learned behaviors
    *Develop responsibility (progresses with time)
  3. secret
  4. the Church, in its wisdom, is not wrong in matters of faith. (may not be questioned) 2: Vatican I "Mary ever virgin" & Pope Pius XII "Mary was assumed into heaven body and soul"
  5. religion

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  1. What is a creed?things that help you get in touch with God
    ex: christmas tree, nativity scene, easter eggs, easter bunny, advent wreath/ candles, white smoke when new pope is elected


  2. agnosticmade by Jesus and passed on his teachings


  3. Atheistaffirms existence of a personal god


  4. What are the faith levels?mind: conscious, process of faith
    heart: subconscious, sense of God, joy/sadness
    soul: sanctuary; divine and human came together and we know that God calls and we answer.


  5. Magisteriumthe teaching, worship, and sanctifying body of the Catholic Church


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