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  1. Deism
  2. belief
  3. What happens in the early adult stage?
  4. deposit of faith
  5. What is a creed?
  1. a sacred scripture + sacred Tradition
  2. b risks:
    1. risks i can afford to take
    2. risks i cant afford to take
    3. risks i must take
    4. risks i cant afford not to take
  3. c affirms exsistence of an impersonal god
  4. d clear articulation of specific information; requires submission to ideas. We accept what we cannot prove. (Nicene Creed)
  5. e an exact statement of beliefs

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  1. teachings of the Church that are handed down
  2. * understands meaning of life and relationship with God
    * you are your faith
    * move to conventional faiths
    * pass on faith
    * ritual becomes important
  3. made by Jesus and passed on his teachings
  4. one
    holy: "of God"
    Catholic: "universal"
    apostolic: started by Jesus and passed to his apostles
  5. *dont understand death
    *Struggle for identity
    *faith clarity, widens horizens, deepens faith commitment

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  1. doctrineprayerfully consider and make a choice as to how to incorporate that in your life
    ex: justifiable war


  2. theistaffirms existence of a personal god


  3. Divine InspirationGod unveiling or showing God's one self


  4. agnosticneither denies nor affirms the exsistence of a personal god


  5. faithway of perceiving God in our human experience


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