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  1. Atheist
  2. What is a cult and its charisteristics?
  3. What is a creed?
  4. Deposit of faith
  5. What are the marks of the Church
  1. a one
    holy: "of God"
    Catholic: "universal"
    apostolic: started by Jesus and passed to his apostles
  2. b an exact statement of beliefs
  3. c denies existence of god
  4. d 1. sacred scripture (Bible)
    2. sacred Tradition
  5. e an organized group which adopts behavior to control individual beliefs.
    • headed by ONE charismatic leader.
    • Beliefs: negative, extreme, false
    • Live in an unconventional manner

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  1. 1. Early adult stage
    2. Mature adult stage
  2. * understands meaning of life and relationship with God
    * you are your faith
    * move to conventional faiths
    * pass on faith
    * ritual becomes important
  3. affirms exsistence of many gods/goddesses
  4. *dont understand death
    *Struggle for identity
    *faith clarity, widens horizens, deepens faith commitment
  5. clear articulation of specific information; requires submission to ideas. We accept what we cannot prove. (Nicene Creed)

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  1. doctrineabsolute belief
    ex: Trinity


  2. What are the 10 concepts of the Nicene Creed?1. Trinity
    2. Virgin Birth
    3. Passion of Christ
    4. Ressurection
    5. Ascension
    6. Last Judgement
    7. Catholic Church
    8. Communion of Saints
    9. Forgiveness of Sin
    10. Eternal Life


  3. theistdenies existence of god


  4. Magisteriumaffirms existence of one god


  5. bishops has a direct line to....apostolic line "go out and do my teachings"


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