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  1. Polytheism
  2. Atheist
  3. bishops has a direct line to....
  4. What are some characteristics of the Childhood Stage?
  5. What is a cult and its charisteristics?
  1. a denies existence of god
  2. b affirms exsistence of many gods/goddesses
  3. c an organized group which adopts behavior to control individual beliefs.
    • headed by ONE charismatic leader.
    • Beliefs: negative, extreme, false
    • Live in an unconventional manner
  4. d *Faith of your parents
    *All needs taken care of
    *Selfish faith - my needs met in prayer
    *God can fix anything
    *Behavior is regulated from the outside - in
    *Parents teach the child and then they learn to regulate themselves
    *Faith by birth
    *Culture influences beliefs
    *Learned behaviors
    *Develop responsibility (progresses with time)
  5. e apostolic line "go out and do my teachings"

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  1. 1. Early adult stage
    2. Mature adult stage
  2. affirms exsistence of an impersonal god
  3. affirms existence of a personal god
  4. the teaching, worship, and sanctifying body of the Catholic Church
  5. made by Jesus and passed on his teachings

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  1. agnosticmade by Jesus and passed on his teachings


  2. deposit of faithmade by Jesus and passed on his teachings


  3. Monotheismaffirms existence of one god


  4. mystery (Greek)an exact statement of beliefs


  5. What is a creed?things that help you get in touch with God
    ex: christmas tree, nativity scene, easter eggs, easter bunny, advent wreath/ candles, white smoke when new pope is elected


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