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  1. Divine Inspiration
  2. Magisterium
  3. bishops has a direct line to....
  4. What are some characteristics of Adolescent Stage?
  5. What happens in the mature adult stage?
  1. a the teaching, worship, and sanctifying body of the Catholic Church
  2. b * understands meaning of life and relationship with God
    * you are your faith
    * move to conventional faiths
    * pass on faith
    * ritual becomes important
  3. c *dont understand death
    *Struggle for identity
    *faith clarity, widens horizens, deepens faith commitment
  4. d God inspiring someone to write the Bible
  5. e apostolic line "go out and do my teachings"

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  1. affirms exsistence of an impersonal god
  2. teachings of the Church that are handed down
  3. ongoing, unpacking the mysteries of God
  4. things that help you get in touch with God
    ex: christmas tree, nativity scene, easter eggs, easter bunny, advent wreath/ candles, white smoke when new pope is elected
  5. God unveiling or showing God's one self

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  1. What are the marks of the Churchmind: conscious, process of faith
    heart: subconscious, sense of God, joy/sadness
    soul: sanctuary; divine and human came together and we know that God calls and we answer.


  2. What are two types of adult stage?risks:
    1. risks i can afford to take
    2. risks i cant afford to take
    3. risks i must take
    4. risks i cant afford not to take


  3. theistaffirms existence of a personal god


  4. Dogmaabsolute belief
    ex: Trinity


  5. agnosticneither denies nor affirms the exsistence of a personal god


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