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  1. unaltered remains
  2. radiometric dating
  3. mummification
  4. Law of superposition
  5. fossil records
  1. a fossilized in tar, or by freezing; provides nearly complete body fossils with flesh, hair, and internal organs
  2. b a method used to determine the absolute age of a rock by sing the rock's chemistry
  3. c the formation of new rock layers on top of older ones. It allows us to determine the relative age of rocks and fossils
  4. d fossil retains the organism's original structure and composition; it remains unchanged (EX: complete insect in amber
  5. e all of the fossils that have existed throughout Earth's history, wether they are in the ground or are in a museum

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  1. the age of a rock layer, or the fossils it contains, compared to other layers
  2. the plants of a given region or period
  3. the largest division of time in the Geologic Time Scale EX: Phanerozoic
  4. They can reveal details about the events that have occurred since its formation
  5. the impressions of soft-bodied animals are left after the animals are covered by sediment

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  1. Faunathe animals of a given region or period


  2. trace fossilsthe preserved remains or impressions of organisms from Earth's geological past.


  3. remains corbody fossilstracks, trails, burrows, boring, nests


  4. castthe animals of a given region or period


  5. periodthe third largest division of time in the Geologic Time Scale EX: Cretaceous


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