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  1. impaired aging or secondary aging
  2. intra-individual differences
  3. social age
  4. paul bates
  5. biological age
  1. a psychologist focuses on normative age graded influences, history graded and nonnormative influences.
  2. b age based on occupying certain social roles.
  3. c quality of functioning of indv. organ system
  4. d changes that occur because of disease not in all individuals
  5. e differences within the individual

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  1. self representations in biological, psychological and social domains.
  2. changes within the body associated with time that alter structure and function.
  3. occurs in all individuals at different rates. universal
  4. born between 1945-1964.
  5. certain experiences that culture and history attach to certain ages

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  1. 4 principles of adulthoodage based on occupying certain social roles.


  2. multidirectionality of developmentnot all systems develop at the same rate within the person


  3. life expectancy77.5 in 2003


  4. 5 ways to shorten lifeborn between 1945-1964.


  5. personal agingchanges within individual


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