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  1. coagulation time
  2. hemorroid
  3. tachypnea
  4. hematologist
  5. vasoconstrictor
  1. a physician who studies blood
  2. b time required by shed blood to clot
  3. c rapid breathing
  4. d painful swollen veins in rectum
  5. e drug causes narrowing of blood vessels

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  1. heart attack
  2. blood doesn't clot normally
  3. break down of red blood cells
  4. pericardium becomes inflammed
  5. widens blood vessels

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  1. cardiomegalyprocedure to restore blood flow through the artery


  2. Aneurysmblood cancer in bone marrow


  3. spleenectomysurgical removal of the spleen


  4. bone marrow biopsypainful swollen veins in rectum


  5. anticoagulantsubstance that prevents coagulation of blood


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