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  1. leukemia
  2. venipuncture
  3. lumen
  4. hemolysis
  5. auscultation
  1. a listening to the internal sounds
  2. b puncture of a vein
  3. c inside space of a tubular stucture
  4. d blood cancer in bone marrow
  5. e break down of red blood cells

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  1. decrase in blood supply
  2. formation of a blood clot
  3. blood doesn't clot normally
  4. blood vessels in the legs causes pain in the msucles
  5. substance that prevents coagulation of blood

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  1. diastolerelaxation


  2. dysrhythmiairregular heartbeat


  3. erythrocytemost common blood cell


  4. hematologistphysician who studies blood


  5. hematomacollection of blood on surface


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