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  1. venipuncture
  2. spleenectomy
  3. angioplasty
  4. arteriosclerosis
  5. varicose veins
  1. a procedure to restore blood flow through the artery
  2. b hardening of the arteries plaque buildup
  3. c surgical removal of the spleen
  4. d puncture of a vein
  5. e swollen twisted and painful veins filled with an abnormal collection f blood

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  1. removal of soft tissue from inside the bone
  2. most common blood cell
  3. collection of blood on surface
  4. pericardium becomes inflammed
  5. substance that prevents coagulation of blood

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  1. ischemiablood cancer in bone marrow


  2. leukocyteblood cancer in bone marrow


  3. intermittent claudicationblood vessels in the legs causes pain in the msucles


  4. hemolysispainful swollen veins in rectum


  5. hemophiliabreak down of red blood cells


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