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  1. cardiomegaly
  2. lumen
  3. ischemia
  4. anticoagulant
  5. intermittent claudication
  1. a blood vessels in the legs causes pain in the msucles
  2. b inside space of a tubular stucture
  3. c decrase in blood supply
  4. d enlarged heart
  5. e substance that prevents coagulation of blood

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  1. contraction
  2. procedure to restore blood flow through the artery
  3. immature cells develop into mature cells
  4. collection of blood on surface
  5. drug causes narrowing of blood vessels

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  1. spleenectomycollection of blood on surface


  2. sickle cell anemiadecrase in blood supply


  3. erythrocytewhite blood cell


  4. leukocyteblood cancer in bone marrow


  5. hemolysisbreak down of red blood cells


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