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  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Sprain
  3. Scoleosis
  4. Osteopathology
  5. Osteoma
  1. a lateral curvature of the spine
  2. b porous and brittle bone due to lack of calcium (adults)
  3. c pulled ligaments
  4. d study of bone diseases
  5. e tumor composed of bone tissue

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  1. causes a form of infectious arthritis; caused by a spirochete from the bite of a tick
  2. inflammation of tissue around a joint
  3. bacterial or fungal infection of the bone
  4. lack of union between lumbar vertebrae
  5. abnormal enlargement of bones (8 to 9 times); overproduction of growth hormone

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  1. Arthralgiapain in a joint


  2. Achondroplasialateral curvature of the spine


  3. Dislocationpulled ligaments


  4. Orthopedicsa correction of deformities of the skeletal system


  5. Osteonecrosisdeath of a bone


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