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  1. Sprain
  2. Osteomyelitis
  3. Rheumatism
  4. Osteonecrosis
  5. Acromegaly
  1. a abnormal enlargement of bones (8 to 9 times); overproduction of growth hormone
  2. b pulled ligaments
  3. c bacterial or fungal infection of the bone
  4. d death of a bone
  5. e inflammation of tissue around a joint

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  1. tumor composed of bone tissue
  2. lack of union between lumbar vertebrae
  3. removal of a portion of a vertebra (to relieve a ruptured disc)
  4. pain in a bone
  5. displacement of a bone from its joint

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  1. Gouttumor composed of bone tissue


  2. Ricketsinfection of a bone


  3. Scoleosislateral curvature of the spine


  4. Orthopedicspain in a joint


  5. Ostectomytumor composed of bone tissue


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