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  1. Separation of powers (2)
  2. RICO statute... Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (Specific Crimes)
  3. Equal Protection (DP) Quasi-strict scrutiny
  4. 14th (Substantive)... (DP)
  5. Exclusively Federal Conflict
  1. a Law treating ppl differently has to be directly related to a specific gov objective
  2. b Horizontal- Judicial, leg, exec (within same gov)
    Verticle- State and federal gov.
  3. c Designed to go after mafia, cartel, and other organized crime... Used different than original intention... Victims can sue estate to get money back, seize all assets in order to go after others, you have a better ability to prosecute those affiliated
  4. d Legislation must be fair w/ justification... more infringing on rights=more justification
  5. e Type of business activities that call for national activity (Set rules nationally)... EX: Airline regulations

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  1. It applies to government action
  2. 1. Plain View Doctrine
    2. Consent
    3. Emergency (Threat to society... if u flee a high speed chase to ur house, they can search the house)
    4. Incidental Lawful Arrest (Allowed to search you once arrested)
    5. Stop and Frisk: If you fit the description of a wanted person and they can tell you are a risk (Ex: appears to be a gun in ur pocket)
    6. Automobile: You have have no expectation of privacy to ur car. Cops still need probable cause to search. They will try to trick you
  3. Must be government action
  4. Must be activity between states. Fed gov can regulate all business activity... doesn't do much anymore. (Great depression had lack of fed regulation.)
  5. You have to intend to make false statement, receiving or depriving someone else from an economic benefit, the State always has the obligation to prove this. (Ex: telling someone u make 180k when u really make 40k)

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  1. 5th amendment applies to civil mattersGov needs warrant to search businesses


  2. State SecretsMaterial is considered obscene when applying contemporary community standards, the work appeals to a prurient interest in sex (portrays sexual conduct)


  3. Miller TestThe non factual publication of false information that defames and hurts someone


  4. Judges used to be given specific sentence parameters for each type of case. what happens now?Now they are just guidelines, no longer mandatory.


  5. Equal Protection (DP) Strict ScrutinyLaw treating ppl differently has to be directly related to a specific gov objective


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