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  1. Defamation
  2. Businesses' and jobs expectations to privacy
  3. State Secrets
  4. Fifth Amendment
  5. Apportionment formula
  1. a Hurting someones character or reputation. must be communicated to a third person. Victim must suffer personal losses.
  2. b An appropriate portion that shows what portion of the business activity is attributable to the state (Can't tax all business activity income, Can't discriminate taxes in favor of in-state businesses, and can't create undue burden w/ taxes)
  3. c Some businesses are so heavily regulated that they have no expectation to privacy and some jobs have no privacy
  4. d Prevents gov from making you incrimenate yourself.
  5. e President does not need to supply evidence in order to protect national security

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  1. You are entitled to a trial by jury if there is possible jail time
  2. No protection, But still has doctrine of prior restraint.
  3. 1. speedy and public (cant be in secret, has to be within certain amount of time ...usually 180 days)
    2. by jury of peers (Usually registered voters or drivers)
    3. informed of charge (Have to serve u w/ indictment or bill of info)
    4. Confront Accuser (You can cross-examine witnesses)
    5. Subpoena Witnesses (Court order requiring someone to come to court)
    6. Assistance of Attorney (State will appoint an attorney)
  4. Has most protection. Ppl can burn American flag due to beliefs.
  5. Horizontal- Judicial, leg, exec (within same gov)
    Verticle- State and federal gov.

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  1. 2 exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule ***1. Good faith rule: Honest mistake of conducting search elsewhere even though they were not supposed to search there
    Inevitability rule: Would have gotten around to conducting search anyways (not good. Inconsistent)


  2. Dual Regulation (Conflict)No citizen shall be treated unequally w/in their jurisdiction


  3. Real or Physical Evidence (5th)If there is vast blood at scene police can ask for blood sample and you have to give it to them. Can make you speak in recorder bc there was an incriminating messaged believed to have been left by you


  4. 1st amendment (establishment)Can't favor one religion over another. No nativity scene on gov property. No group prayer in public school.


  5. Grand JuryOnly felonies, defense doesnt appear, can supine witness, citizens decide if this case should go to court at all


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