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  1. 1st amendment (establishment)
  2. 14th (Due process of law) 6 factors
  3. Fourth amendment
  4. Habeas Corpus
  5. Exclusionary Rule
  1. a Can't favor one religion over another. No nativity scene on gov property. No group prayer in public school.
  2. b gov must be fair. Can't act arbitrarily, capriciously, or unreasonably
    1. Substantive
    2. Procedural
    3. Applies to gov action
    4. 5th Amendment
    5. 14th Amendment
  3. c Unreasonable search and seizure
  4. d If evidence was illegally obtained, you can exclude this evidence bc it violated the 4th amendment
  5. e If you believe you have been wrongly imprisoned, you can go in front of court and ask the judge to determine if you should be released

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  1. The way you are charged
  2. NO
  3. You are entitled to a trial by jury if there is possible jail time
  4. Horizontal- Judicial, leg, exec (within same gov)
    Verticle- State and federal gov.
  5. Can't use the 5th amendment if charges aren't against you.

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  1. 14th (Procedural) 3 things... (DP)Government must use fair procedures... 1. must give ppl notice
    2. must give opportunity to be heard
    3. Must be decided by an IMPARTIAL TRIBUNAL (unbiased 3rd party w/ no vested interest)


  2. Criminal Intent (Mens Rea)Intent to engage in criminal behavior


  3. Fraud (Specific Crimes)You have to intend to make false statement, receiving or depriving someone else from an economic benefit, the State always has the obligation to prove this. (Ex: telling someone u make 180k when u really make 40k)


  4. 5 basic constitutional freedomsVery little protection offered to businesses. Only sole proprietorships are protected.


  5. ***Commerce Clause (Limitation) (State Police Power)State Police Power: State has the responsibility of providing for the safety and well-being of citizens so they are able to regulate business activity as well


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