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  1. Real or Physical Evidence (5th)
  2. Political Free Speech
  3. 1st amendment (establishment)
  4. Sixth Amendment
  5. Criminal Intent (Actus Rea)
  1. a If there is vast blood at scene police can ask for blood sample and you have to give it to them. Can make you speak in recorder bc there was an incriminating messaged believed to have been left by you
  2. b Can't favor one religion over another. No nativity scene on gov property. No group prayer in public school.
  3. c Has most protection. Ppl can burn American flag due to beliefs.
  4. d You committed the criminal act
  5. e You are entitled to a trial by jury if there is possible jail time

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  1. Needed to establish Libel. It is knowing you were lying or had didn't care to find the truth
  2. President does not need to supply evidence in order to protect national security
  3. If you believe you have been wrongly imprisoned, you can go in front of court and ask the judge to determine if you should be released
  4. Separation of church and state
  5. 1. Irreconcilable conflict between federal and state law: If you meet state standard can you meet federal law?
    2. State law cannot discriminate in favor of in-state business activity at the expense of out-of-state business activity
    3. State law cannot impose an undue burden on interstate commerce

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  1. Supremacy ClauseFederal Government is in control over the state etc


  2. Equal Protection (DP) Minimum RationalityThe standard of review in which the government must prove the law is justified by a compelling government action


  3. Six exceptions to needing a warrant first1. Plain View Doctrine
    2. Consent
    3. Emergency (Threat to society... if u flee a high speed chase to ur house, they can search the house)
    4. Incidental Lawful Arrest (Allowed to search you once arrested)
    5. Stop and Frisk: If you fit the description of a wanted person and they can tell you are a risk (Ex: appears to be a gun in ur pocket)
    6. Automobile: You have have no expectation of privacy to ur car. Cops still need probable cause to search. They will try to trick you


  4. 14th (Substantive)... (DP)Government must use fair procedures... 1. must give ppl notice
    2. must give opportunity to be heard
    3. Must be decided by an IMPARTIAL TRIBUNAL (unbiased 3rd party w/ no vested interest)


  5. Equal Protection (DP) Quasi-strict scrutinyLaw treating ppl differently has to be directly related to a specific gov objective


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