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  1. Determine the best way for your operation to check the critical limits, then make sure they are consistently met.
  2. - Purchasing food from unsafe sources.

    - Failing to cook food correctly.

    - Holding food at incorrect temperatures.

    - Using contaminated equipment.

    - Practicing poor personal hygiene.
  3. Document that allows a safety requirement to be waived or changed.
  4. Food safety management system designed to prevent foodborne illness by addressing the 5 common risk factors.

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  1. HACCPHazard Analysis Critical Control Point

    System based on identifying significant biological, chemical, or physical hazards at specific points within a product's flow.


  2. HACCP Step 2: Determine Critical Control PointsFor each CCP, establish the minimum or maximum limits that must be met to prevent or eliminate the hazard, or to reduce it to a safe level.


  3. HACCP Step 6: Verify the System WorksEvaluate your plan on a regular basis and make sure it is working as intended.


  4. HACCP Step7: Establish Procedures for Record Keeping and DocumentationKeep records of your actions including monitoring, taking corrective action, validating equipment, and working with suppliers


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