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  1. indoctrinate
  2. amends
  3. edify
  4. affect
  5. imbue
  1. a a. to inspire or influence thoroughly b. to stain or dye thoroughly
  2. b something done to make up for a wrong, an injury, or a mistake; compensation
  3. c a. to influence; to change b. to put on a false show or display of c. feeling or emotion, especially as shown in facial expressions or body language
  4. d to instruct for intellectual, moral, or spiritual movement
  5. e to instruct in or impart certain principles or ideology

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  1. to help opposing sides reach and agreement; to intervene in a conflict in order to improve the situation
  2. to restore something to an earlier condition, be repairing or remodeling
  3. understood only by and elite, scholarly, or elusive group; obscure
  4. Gentle; easily manageable or teachable; tame
  5. a. not embarrassed; composed b. not hidden or disguised; obvious

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  1. flamboyantto settle in a country or region where one is not a native


  2. elucidateto explain or make clear


  3. didacticoverly concerned with or narrowly focused on book learning or formal rules


  4. uninterestedimpartial; free of bias or self-interest in an outcome


  5. brazensomething done to make up for a wrong, an injury, or a mistake; compensation


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