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  1. depredation
  2. docile
  3. strident
  4. proceed
  5. intrepid
  1. a fearless; having unwavering courage
  2. b Gentle; easily manageable or teachable; tame
  3. c to go forward or onward
  4. d a. a predatory attack; a raid b. damage, destruction or loss
  5. e loud, harsh, grating, or shrill

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  1. to restore something to an earlier condition, be repairing or remodeling
  2. to free from difficulty or entanglement
  3. to instruct in or impart certain principles or ideology
  4. to settle in a country or region where one is not a native
  5. a. the art or profession of teaching b. the body of knowledge related to education and teaching

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  1. edifyto instruct for intellectual, moral, or spiritual movement


  2. unabashedfearless; having unwavering courage


  3. complaisantloud, harsh, grating, or shrill


  4. disinterestedimpartial; free of bias or self-interest in an outcome


  5. importunea. to inspire or influence thoroughly b. to stain or dye thoroughly


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