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  1. Callow
  2. Drivel
  3. Ex officio
  4. Inveigh
  5. Infringe
  1. a adj. without experience, raw, immature, not fully developed
  2. b adj., adv. by virtue of holding a certain office
  3. c n. saliva flowing from the mouth, foolish. v. to let saliva flow from mouth, slaver
  4. d v. express strong disapproval, rail
  5. e v. to violate, encroach, intrude

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  1. n. lack of energy, fatigue
  2. v. to spread through, penetrate
  3. v. to improve, amend, make better
  4. adj. mysterious, magical, supernatural
  5. v. to urge strongly, implore

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  1. Epitomen. poise, assurance, self-confidence, composure


  2. Precipitatev. to cause or bring about suddenly, provoke. n. moisture. adj. reckless


  3. Aplombadj. without experience, raw, immature, not fully developed


  4. Interloperv. to violate, encroach, intrude


  5. Ingratiatev. to violate, encroach, intrude


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