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  1. 80% of breast ca arise from
  2. CIN grade III
  3. 5 year survival rate of breast ca
  4. when would a hysteroscopy be appropriate?
  5. TNM system - M
  1. a distant meastases levels 0 or 1
  2. b stage I : 80% stage II : 65%
    stage III: 40% stage IV: 10%
    10 yr survival rate no more than 50%
  3. c abnormal pap smear and uterine bleeding
  4. d undifferentiated intraepithelial lesion 2/3 - full thickness (severe dysplasia), carcinoma in situ involvement
  5. e ductal epithelium

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  1. Prostate - specific antigen
    prostate ca, BPH, prostatitis
  2. upper outer quadrant = 50%
  3. human chorionic gonadotropin
    basis of pregnancy tests
    ca (placenta, testicles), tumors (ovaries, testes), choriocarcinoma of uterus
  4. atypical cells below the level of neoplasia, minimal cervical dysplasia
  5. alpha - fetoprotein
    increased nonmaternal level = ca (liver, ovary, testes), Liver cell necrosis
    increased maternal level = neural tube defects, multiple - fetus pregnancy, threatened abortion, fetal death

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  1. CEAcervical intaepithelial neoplasia - premalignant changes such as dysplasia and carcinoma in situ.


  2. CINCarcinoembryonic antigen
    ca (breast, GI, lung, pancreas, liver), inflammation (colitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, diverticulitis), cirrhosis, peptic ulcer


  3. pap smear class Icancer in situ, severe dysplasia, CIN 3


  4. TNM system - Ndistant meastases levels 0 or 1


  5. pap smear class IIIatypical cells below the level of neoplasia, minimal cervical dysplasia


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