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  1. european barbarian migrations
  2. Yahweh
  3. Yahweh didn't protect them
  4. 1000-960
  5. 960-922
  1. a When did King Solomon rule?
  2. b Why were the Hebrews angry at Yahweh during the Babylonian Captivity?
  3. c When did King David rule?
  4. d Who is the special people's god?
  5. e What was the cause of the era of small kingdoms?

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  1. What lead to the fall of the Assyrians?
  2. What did the prophet Jeremiah do in response to the Hebrews' anger at Yahweh for the Babylonian captivity?
  3. Who was the tribe leader of the Hebrews?
  4. What was a conflict for the people with King Solomon?
  5. Who was the god of evil in Persian religion?

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  1. NinevahWhat was the first western-model city?


  2. Monetaristsprostitution of Ishtar


  3. golden age & extravaganceWhat was King Solomon's reign like?


  4. Amos and IsaiahMiddlemen, credited with first alphabet & missionaries of civilization


  5. Hebrews control PalestineWhat was a result of the conquering of Jerusalem?


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