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  1. switch to money economy, Yahweh's identity crisis
  2. Monetarists
  3. Esarhadden
  4. 722
  5. the umbrella effect
  1. a What caused the advancement of civilization under the Assyrian rule?
  2. b What were problems with the Hebrews becoming a settled society?
  3. c What Assyrian king took Egypt?
  4. d When did the Assyrians wipe out the northern Hebrew Kingdom?
  5. e A group that worships only one god but believes in the existence of other gods for other groups

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  1. Who practiced the religion Baalim?
  2. Who was the Persian traditional sun god?
  3. Why were the Hebrews angry at Yahweh during the Babylonian Captivity?
  4. How did the Assyrians rule?
  5. What was the first western-model city?

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  1. 1200-800When was the Era of Small Kingdoms?


  2. 1000-960When did King David rule?


  3. PhoeniciansWho was the god of evil in Persian religion?


  4. (put it down, take leading families to Babylon) Babylonian CaptivityWhat did the Chaldeans do in response to the Hebrew revolt?


  5. AstarteAssyrian city state and militant sun god


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