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  1. Sargon II
  2. tweeners
  3. 1000-960
  4. decline of the E. and Hittites and Babylonians
  5. Chaldeans
  1. a People who are on the outskirts of civilization with a barbarian spirit and advanced weapons
  2. b Who took over the Assyrians in 589?
  3. c When did King David rule?
  4. d What Assyrian king took Mesopotamia and Syria?
  5. e What happened because of the era of small kingdoms?

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  1. What did the Persians do after conquered the Babylonian Empire?
  2. What was King Solomon's reign like?
  3. What did the prophet Jeremiah do in response to the Hebrews' anger at Yahweh for the Babylonian captivity?
  4. Assyrian city state and militant sun god
  5. Middlemen, credited with first alphabet & missionaries of civilization

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  1. MithraWho was the Persian traditional sun god?


  2. MonetaristsA group that worships only one god but believes in the existence of other gods for other groups


  3. AstarteAssyrian city state and militant sun god


  4. Yahweh didn't protect themWhy were the Hebrews angry at Yahweh during the Babylonian Captivity?


  5. EsarhaddenWho took over the Assyrians in 589?


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