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  1. (put it down, take leading families to Babylon) Babylonian Captivity
  2. Chaldeans
  3. no loyalty, too few soldiers, purity of blood, separation of men and women
  4. let Hebrews go, religion freedom
  5. hand appeared "you're going down", buildings shake as Persians charge in
  1. a What lead to the fall of the Assyrians?
  2. b What did the Chaldeans do in response to the Hebrew revolt?
  3. c Who took over the Assyrians in 589?
  4. d What did the Persians do after conquered the Babylonian Empire?
  5. e What happened with Balshezzar and the writing on the wall?

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  1. Which Persian king took over Egypt?
  2. Greek sea people
  3. What was a conflict for the people with King Solomon?
  4. What Assyrian king took the Hebrews?
  5. A group that worships only one god but believes in the existence of other gods for other groups

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  1. switch to money economy, Yahweh's identity crisisWhy were the Hebrews angry at Yahweh during the Babylonian Captivity?


  2. decline of the E. and Hittites and BabyloniansWhat was the tweeners' purpose?


  3. AssurAssyrian city state and militant sun god


  4. AhrimanWho was the god of evil in Persian religion?


  5. Astarteprostitution of Ishtar


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