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  1. Sargon II
  2. (put it down, take leading families to Babylon) Babylonian Captivity
  3. Phoenicians
  4. Ahriman
  5. tweeners
  1. a Who was the god of evil in Persian religion?
  2. b What did the Chaldeans do in response to the Hebrew revolt?
  3. c People who are on the outskirts of civilization with a barbarian spirit and advanced weapons
  4. d What Assyrian king took Mesopotamia and Syria?
  5. e Middlemen, credited with first alphabet & missionaries of civilization

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  1. What did Amos and Isaiah predict for the urban Hebrews?
  2. Who was the god of good in Persian religion?
  3. Why were the Hebrews angry at Yahweh during the Babylonian Captivity?
  4. What was the tweeners' purpose?
  5. When did the Assyrians wipe out the northern Hebrew Kingdom?

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  1. Astarteprostitution of Ishtar


  2. Amos and IsaiahWho were the early prophets?


  3. explained captivity, predicted rescueWhat did the Persians do after conquered the Babylonian Empire?


  4. umbrella effectAdvanced cultures under same government, no war, easy exchange of goods


  5. Hebrews control PalestineWhat was a result of the conquering of Jerusalem?


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