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collection of govt. policies for the regulation of economic activity, esp. commercial, by and for the state.

French Protestants tended to be.....

craftsmen, soldiers, wealthy merchants

The War of the Spanish Succession began when Charles II of Spain Left his territories to...

Phillip of Anjou (Louis XIV's grandson)

Cardinal Richelieu's most notable accomplishment was....

establishment of general sales tax, the Administrative System

The French military reforms

recruited people through dragooning, conscription, and the lottery. They created a proffesional standing army

The weaknesses of the French financial system under Louis XIV were

unemployment, high food prices, oppresive taxes (triggered domestic violence)

The enemy of the Grand Alliance during the War of the Spanish Succession was

Louis XIV, France

The Fronde

* the civil war of 1648, meant anyone who opposed government policies.
* caused by attempts at raising royal revenue.

The relationship between Louis XIV and the Languedoc nobles indicates

he gave the nobles taxes in return for raising taxes.

Political power in the Dutch Republic was....

Controlled by wealthy merchants and financers.

The cause of the War of the Spanish Succession was...

*territorial disputes from previous century.
*dynastic disputes over sussesion of Spanish Throne.

The policies of Henry IV can be characterized by

his love for the people and lowering the peasant's taxes.

French intendants were almost always recruited from the....

newer judicial nobility (the no blesse de robe)

The guiding force behind Cardinal Richelieu's domestic policies was.....

Total suborination of all groups and institutions to the french monarchy.

Louis XIII's decision to destroy Huguenot independence was based on....

Political disobedience, protestants did not allow catholics to worship in their cities.

The center of the struggle between the French crown and the Huguenots in 1627 was....

La Rochelle

What is the folly that the Duke of St. Simon feared would ruin the French nobility....

The spending of money on luxary and extravagant lifestyle (The Palace of Versailles)

Mercantilistic theory postulated that......

a nations international power was based on its wealth

Colbert's contribution to the economy of France

tried to make it self-suffiecient to increase its wealth by encouraging the French industry and by enacting high foreign tariffs, creating a stong merchant marine.

The State that gained the most from the War of the Spanish Succession was....


Typically, French classicism...

resembled discipline, power, and restraint, and was the official style of Louis XIV's court.

Between 1635 and 1659 the French Army incresed by approximately how many times?


The paulette, introduced by Henry IV, was

an annual fee paid by royal officials to guarantee heredity in their offices in compensation for the lost revenues from lowering taxes on peasants.

According to the text, what values consonant with business success did Calvinism promote?

All work is noble

French foreign policy under Richelieu focused primarily on the

destruction of the fence of Hapsburg territories that surrounded France.

Starvation and economic crisis in France in 1693 - 1694 were caused by.....

cold wet summers caused bad harvest which caused starvation and inflation.

During the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King,

The French Monarchy reached its peak of absolutionist power. French language and culture became the international style, and he revoked the Edict of Nantes.

According to The Memoirs of the Duke of Saint-Simon, Louis XIV moved the royal court from Paris to Versailles for what reasons?

To make the nobles more reliant on the monarchy.

The commercial and financial capital of Europe in the 17th Century?


The country most centered on middle-class interests was......

The Dutch Republic

Characteristic of an absolute state....

Sovereignty is embodied in the person of the ruler (the king), responsible to God alone.

The English Long Parliament....

*it sat from 1640-1660
*Enacted legislation that limited power of the monarchy and prevented arbitrary government

Cromwell's government is best described as a .....

military dictatorship

Absolute monarchs secured mastery over the nobility by....

Lowering the peoples taxes but raising the sales which affected the nobles.

The statement "There are no privileges and immunities which can stand against a divinely appointed king" forms the basis of the.......

Absolute Monarchy

When Archbishop Laud tried to make the Presbyterian Scots accept the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, the Scots....


Proponents of the idea that the purpose of government is to protect life, liberty, and property....

John Locke -"Second Treatise of Civil Government"

After the United Provinces of the Netherlands won its independence from Spain, their government could best be described as....

a republic, a weak union of small provinces.

The Dutch economy was based on...


Dutch economic decline began with....

The peace signed in1713 to end the War of Spanish Succession.

During the administration of Robert Walpole in Britain, the idea developed that....

the Cabinet was responsible to the house of commons.

The Amstel River was the major link between what city and its world trading system?


What is the book by Cervantes that has as its hero an idealistic but impractical soldier?

Don Quixote

The Dutch "Golden Age" was based on...

Dutch ideas and attitudes which played a role in shaping a worldview. Artistic, scientific, literary achievement.

The English Navigation Act of 1651...

English goods must be carried on English ships. Was a great boost to development of an English Merchant Marine and led to a short war with the Dutch.

The English political philosopher Thomas Hobbes held that...

Sovereignty is ultimately derived from the people. The power of the ruler is absolute, but kings do not hold their power by divine right.

The spark that caused the English Glorious Revolution was the....

fear of a catholic monarchy after James II's wife produced a son. 7 Bishops of the Church of England petitioned that they should not be forced to read the declaration of indulgences.

The memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln

*She was a deeply religious Jew in the Dutch Republic.
*Shows how Jews were accepted.

According to the text, how did the English House of Commons change between the early 16th century and the early 17th century?

They became more powerful and influential.

The primary instrument of Dutch overseas imperialism was the ...

Dutch East India Company

Which country had the highest living standards in Europe in the mid-17th century?

The Dutch Republic.

A significant feature of English society in the 16th and 17th centuries was...

there were capitals

John Locke was the great spokesman...

for the liveral English revolution of 1688-1689.

The historical antecedent of the English cabinet system of government was the...

"Cabal" - a council of 5 men appointed by the king.

Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate is best described as a .......

Military dictatorship.

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