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  1. successor
  2. taxonomy
  3. linked list
  4. descendants
  5. leaf
  1. a the next element in a linked list.
  2. b a sequence of records, where each record contains a link to the next one.
  3. c all nodes below a given node in a tree.
  4. d a tree node containing a contents value but with no children.
  5. e a classification of objects into a tree structure that groups related objects.

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  1. a list of pairs, where each pair has a key and a value associated with the key.
  2. Java Virtual Machine, an interpreter for compiled Java bytecodes.
  3. an order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed in between its children.
  4. a number that is defined as an object, so that it has a runtime type and methods that can be used, e.g. Integer in Java.
  5. an element of a linked list, tree, or graph, often represented by a data structure.

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  1. arrayA contiguous block of memory containing elements of the same type, accessed by numeric index.


  2. objectin a tree, a node that points to a given node.


  3. branching factoran abstracted function that describes the amount of computer time or memory space required by an algorithm, as a function of problem size. For problems larger than a certain size, the actual time or space required will be less than the Big O multiplied by some constant.


  4. intractablea problem that is so hard (typically exponential) that it cannot be solved unless the problem is small.


  5. operatora process that removes unwanted elements from a collection.


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