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  1. successor
  2. doubly linked list
  3. grammar
  4. link
  5. sentinel
  1. a a formal description of a language in terms of vocabulary and rules for writing phrases and sentences.
  2. b a linked list in which each element has both forward and backward pointers.
  3. c the next element in a linked list.
  4. d an extra record at the start or end of a data structure such as a linked list, to simplify the processing.
  5. e a pointer to the next element in a linked list.

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  1. a process that removes unwanted elements from a collection.
  2. a list of pairs, where each pair has a key and a value associated with the key.
  3. a tree in which each node has at most two children.
  4. a search in which children of a node are considered (recursively) before siblings are considered.
  5. a data structure that can be identified at runtime as being a member of a class.

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  1. structure sharinga case where two data structures share some elements.


  2. Big Olast-in, first out: describes the order of a stack.


  3. base case(pronounced "ask-key") an abbreviation of American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a character code that maps between 8-bit binary integers and characters such as letters, numbers, and punctuation. There are 256 possible ASCII codes, of which 95 are printable.


  4. design patterndescribes a function that modifies its arguments.


  5. inorderan order of processing a tree in which the parent node is processed in between its children.


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