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  1. sources of oxalate
  2. 7 sulfites
  3. what's the primary source of nitrogenous waste?
  4. reaction types are __ and ___
  5. HD diet?
  1. a 30-35 kcal/kg. >or=1.2 g/kg of HBV (when possible) Na= 2g, K 2-3g, phos: 800-1000 mg/day or 10-12 mg/g pro/day; fluid (output + 1000 cc)
  2. b rhubarb spinach strawberries chocolate wheat bran nuts beets tea coffee cola
  3. c shrimp, avocado, processed foods, instant potatoes, dried fruits, wine, beer (non-immunologic)
  4. d protein from our diet
  5. e localized and systemic

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  1. solid mass caused by solidification or precipitation of a dissolved substance in the urine--forms from crystals in urine
  2. a byproduct of muscle breakdown (increase in muscle mass = increase in creatinine)
  3. aspirating on first stool that's passed before birth
  4. inflammation of the lungs, usually caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi
  5. constipation--bulking agents

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  1. asthma is typically ___ mediatedIgE


  2. pathophysiology of kidney disease/anemiahypoproliferative anemia, fewer # of RBCs produced due to decreased EPO which is the hormone that stimulates bone marrow to produce RBC


  3. anaphylaxis is common w/ what 4 things1 yr


  4. pt w/ BPD are also at risk for what?solution of H2O and chemicals used to remove waste products from blood. dialysis works through diffusion, ultrafiltration and osmosis


  5. sulfites are ___increased protein, kcal and fluid needs


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