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MNT II exam I Test

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  1. nutritional requirements of the posttransplant pt
  2. med to prevent uric acid stones
  3. allergen?
  4. two populations at high risk for BPD?
  5. where does pneumonia settle?
  1. a substance foreign to the body that on interaction with the immune system, causes an allergic reaction
  2. b alveoli--rapid growth
  3. c allopurinol
  4. d premature of low birth wt infants
  5. e obesity--wt gain common (corticosteroids) and can complicate hyperlipidemia and glucose intolerance. emphasize diet, behavior modification and exercise

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  1. urine pH, volume and excretion
  2. tumor, blood clots, kidney stones, blockage to ureter or neck of the bladder.
  3. (EPO) hormone for RBC production
  4. pain meds, oral or IV fluid, 2-3 q H2O PO, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, surgery, prevent recurrence
  5. localized and systemic

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  1. more liberal dietPD


  2. COPD stands forchronic obstructory pulmonary disease


  3. 5 examples of how malnutrition affects pulmonary fxprotein & Fe deficiencies cause dec in HgB; Ca, Mg, P, K deficiencies compromise respiratory muscle fx, hypoproteinemia causes pulmonary edema and decrease of surfacant leads to collapse of alveoli, vitamin C has a collagen which composes supporting connective lung tissue; weight loss decreases prognosis among those w/ pulmonary disease


  4. what are the crazy 8milk egg peanut tree nut fish shellfish soy wheat


  5. Dx: 4 things to consider w/ clinical historySx, time of exposure to sx, suspected foods, when exposed?


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