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  1. sensipar is what? does what?
  2. 4 adverse effects of lung disease on nutritional status
  3. meds table 21.4
  4. energy w/ CF?
  5. what are the crazy 8
  1. a milk egg peanut tree nut fish shellfish soy wheat
  2. b increased work of breathing, chronic infections, medical treatments, reduced intake (fl res, SOB, decreased o2 saturation while eating, anorexia due to chronic disease, GI distress/vomiting)
  3. c calories to promote wt gain/growth and wt maintenance, 35-40% kcal as fat--MCT oil, 3 meals + 3 snacks
  4. d reduces elevated PTH, calcimimetic agent
  5. e *

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  1. caused by excessive uric acid in urine. assoc w/ altered purine metabolism (gout), common in men, animal flesh proteins inc risk
  2. protein from our diet
  3. chronic GI problems (n/v/d or anorexia), wt loss 10-15%/6 months, <90% IBW, alb <3.4 g/L
  4. the presence of atopic characteristics, events, or conditions that develop into more permanent disease
  5. protein and energy needs are increased for 6-8 weeks, after 8 weeks; RDA for protein and low in sat fat....CHO: glucose intol common, insulin or OHA may be warranted, emphasize dietary fiber

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  1. 4 more tolerable forms of synthetic epo?heredity, food exposure, GI permeability, environmental factors


  2. antigenusually a foreign substance (protein, bacteria, polysaccharides) that stimulates antibody production


  3. what two ARF usually do not require nutrition intervention?from loss of glomerular barrier to protein


  4. protein for ARF pt?0.6 g/kg/d on non-dialysis (more toxins in blood), 1.4 g/kg (dialysis--waste production excretion), HD needs 1.2-1.4g/kg and CRRT needs 1.5-2.0 g/kg


  5. azotemiamycobacteria spread from inhalation of organisms dispersed in droplets of sputum of infected people


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