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  1. exogenous pancreatic enzymes
  2. nutritional requirements of the posttransplant pt
  3. Calcium is bound to ___ therefore
  4. TB
  5. inbetween dialysis wt gain shouldn't exceed__
  1. a 5%
  2. b mycobacteria spread from inhalation of organisms dispersed in droplets of sputum of infected people
  3. c nutrition intervention for CF pt--contain amylase, proteases and lipase, vary in lipase activity from 4000-25000 U lipase/capsule, dosage individualized, available in powder or enteric-coated spheres, taken when food/bev consumed, needs FDA approval
  4. d albumin--renal pt w/ low albumin bc of loss blood
  5. e obesity--wt gain common (corticosteroids) and can complicate hyperlipidemia and glucose intolerance. emphasize diet, behavior modification and exercise

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  1. filtration, reabsorption, secretion
  2. received supplemental O2 for at least 28 days and were less than 32 wks gestational age
  3. gastroparesis (difficult to manage BG), retinopathy (vision--reading labels or food lists), neuropathy, amputations, monitor CHO when hyperglycemic
  4. solution of H2O and chemicals used to remove waste products from blood. dialysis works through diffusion, ultrafiltration and osmosis
  5. food additives, sulfites, CHO intolerance, histamines

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  1. primary cause of copd?smoking


  2. 9 ways to Dx pulmonary ptpercussion and auscultation, imaging procedures, pulmonary fx test, pulse oximetry, spirometer, arterial blood gas determinations, sputum cultures, biopsies, assessment of other systems


  3. what's the gold standard test for Dxaspirating on first stool that's passed before birth


  4. energy needs for BPD pt?may be on fluid restriction and/or diuretics


  5. hypersensitivity most common at what age1-2 years


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