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  1. what does food hypersensitivity cause?
  2. look @ nutrition req for post transplant pt
  3. 5 types of active VitD/provitamin D
  4. functional unit of kidney
  1. a *
  2. b function changes in target organs
  3. c calcitriol, calcijex, zemplar, hectorol, rocaltrol
  4. d nephron

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  1. adverse food reaction mediated by IgE immunologic mechanism; induced by cell-mediated or immune-complex disease
  2. percussion and auscultation, imaging procedures, pulmonary fx test, pulse oximetry, spirometer, arterial blood gas determinations, sputum cultures, biopsies, assessment of other systems
  3. rule out allergy
  4. indirect calorimetry, 30-35 kcal/kg, underfeed if on PN in ICU (80% estimated needs)
  5. so phos isn't absorped into blood

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  1. energy w/ CF?calories to promote wt gain/growth and wt maintenance, 35-40% kcal as fat--MCT oil, 3 meals + 3 snacks


  2. 3 food additives?shrimp, avocado, processed foods, instant potatoes, dried fruits, wine, beer (non-immunologic)


  3. Smokers and vit C?require 35 mg/day beyond RDA because Vit C is an antioxidant that's used up more quickly during the oxidation of smoking


  4. is lactose intolerance a food allergy?no


  5. rejection of post trans ptcorticosteroids increase--need for increased protein and kcal requirements


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