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  1. 3 histamines?
  2. hyperkalemia-->
  3. what are the crazy 8
  4. tracheostomy
  5. how many stages of renal disease are there?
  1. a cardiac arrest
  2. b cheese, wine, fish
  3. c milk egg peanut tree nut fish shellfish soy wheat
  4. d surgical opening made in the trachea to assist breathing. results in inability to speak or swallow normally. increases risk of aspiration. altered consistency or enteral nutrition may be necessary --->speech pathology can do a barium swallow eval
  5. e 5

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  1. phos control, dialysis, diet (800-1000mg phos/day), phos binders, vit D, calcimimetics--sensipar (tricks PTH to think calcium levels are adequate), parathyroidectomy
  2. phos, folic acid, Vit C, B vitamins (6, 12, and niacin)
  3. HD
  4. Sx, time of exposure to sx, suspected foods, when exposed?
  5. 3-4 g/kg/day

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  1. wet weight? dry wt?wet wt-before dialysis and dry wt-after dialysis


  2. erythropoeitan?lose great amt of salt w/ sweat, hyponatremia-->shock, beware in hot weather or fever


  3. how is acute renal failure characterized?sudden reduction of GFR


  4. Smokers and vit C?require 35 mg/day beyond RDA because Vit C is an antioxidant that's used up more quickly during the oxidation of smoking


  5. drug to help control PTH levelssensipar


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