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  1. 3x a week?
  2. sx of nephrolithiasis
  3. sensipar is what? does what?
  4. asthma is typically ___ mediated
  5. calcium stones more common in
  1. a pain in back/side, blood in urine, vomit, fever, urinating freq/urgency, painful urination
  2. b IgE
  3. c HD
  4. d men and caucasians
  5. e reduces elevated PTH, calcimimetic agent

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  1. tendency toward allergies, determined genetically
  2. mycobacteria spread from inhalation of organisms dispersed in droplets of sputum of infected people
  3. EFA deficiency (canola, soy and flaxseed oils), glucose intolerance (OGTT), beta-carotene; vita A status, serum vit D status and vit D binding protein, vit K is measured by plasma prothrombin concentration, vit E status, Iron-hgb/hct, zinc-plasma zn, bone status-DEXA, Ca, P, PTH, 25-hydroxyvitamin D
  4. 30-35 kcal/kg. >or=1.2 g/kg of HBV (when possible) Na= 2g, K 2-3g, phos: 800-1000 mg/day or 10-12 mg/g pro/day; fluid (output + 1000 cc)
  5. filtration, reabsorption, secretion

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  1. energy needs for BPD pt?120-130 kcal/kg/day; human milk fortifier + breast milk (130-160 kcal/kg if growth failure or hypermetabolic)


  2. airway inflammation leads to ___airflow obstruction


  3. 6 things w/ corticosteroidsaccelerated protein catabolism, hyperlipidemia, Na retention, wt gain, glucose intolerance, Ca, phos and Vit D metabolism altered


  4. 7 sulfitesimmunoglobulin produces in response to an antigen or allergen


  5. meds for TBINH (isoniazid), depletes Vit B6, alteres Vit D metabolism (bone issues)


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