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  1. Dialysate for HD?
  2. food intolerance
  3. 4 risk factors for allergies
  4. Tx of food allergy? (4)
  5. energy w/ CF?
  1. a heredity, food exposure, GI permeability, environmental factors
  2. b calories to promote wt gain/growth and wt maintenance, 35-40% kcal as fat--MCT oil, 3 meals + 3 snacks
  3. c avoidance, beware of contaminants, probiotics and omega 3 FA
  4. d solution of H2O and chemicals used to remove waste products from blood. dialysis works through diffusion, ultrafiltration and osmosis
  5. e adverse reaction to a food caused by toxic, pharmacologic, metabolic or idiosyncratic reaction to the food or chemical substances in the food

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  1. 160 mg--high risk for nonCVD mortality, including respiratory disease
  2. increased thirst leads to fluid overload, increased osmolarity of blood --H20 and K pulled out of cells (hyperkalemia)
  3. percussion and auscultation, imaging procedures, pulmonary fx test, pulse oximetry, spirometer, arterial blood gas determinations, sputum cultures, biopsies, assessment of other systems
  4. Epogen, infed, ferrlecit, ermoxytolVenofer & F
  5. filtration, reabsorption, secretion

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  1. sensitizationexposure to an antigen or allergen that results in the development of hypersensitivity-body is exposed before it has a response during the 2nd exposure


  2. What is reabsorption? What four things are reabsorbed?genetic, immunologic and environmental


  3. sx of nephrolithiasisitching


  4. What is filtration?removing particles from a solution


  5. emphysema characteristicsmicrobial dietary supplement affecting the intestinal tract that may modify an immune response


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