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  1. dialysate for PD is high in
  2. reaction types are __ and ___
  3. 6 things in respiratory that malnutrition adversely affects
  4. when does food hypersensitivity happen
  5. uric acid stones
  1. a glucose
  2. b consistently after ingestion, inhalation or touch
  3. c caused by excessive uric acid in urine. assoc w/ altered purine metabolism (gout), common in men, animal flesh proteins inc risk
  4. d lung structure; elasticity; function; respiratory muscle mass, strength and endurance; lung immune defense mechanisms; control of breathing
  5. e localized and systemic

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  1. 6-12 months
  2. RBC due to increased waste products in the blood
  3. tendency toward allergies, determined genetically
  4. acute, often severe & sometimes fatal immune response that can affect one or more organ systems
  5. poor growth, malnutrition, poor digestion, malabsorption (lose fat sol vit due to fatty stools), loss of bile salts/bile acids, respiratory infections, breathing difficulties, permanent lung damage, lung disease--> cause of death, salty sweat

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  1. renal osteodystrophybone pathology characterized by defective mineralization resulting from renal disease


  2. protein requirements for respiratory failurelow fat diet, HTN common so Na restriction, potassium restriction in acute period


  3. tx of nephrolitiasisslow progression, reduct symptoms, nutrition, improve QOL, reduce breathing obstructions, PT, meds, exercise, lung transplant (advanced CF)


  4. don't introduce cows milk to babies bc of what 2 things?poor iron source & allergy risk


  5. look @ nutrition req for post transplant pt*


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