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  1. 1. a person from whom one is descended
    2. an early kind of animal from which later ones have developed
  2. the time during which something lasts or continues
  3. choice, or something that is available as a choice
  4. very large; like a giant in size
  5. 1. to save; to keep from harm; to protect
    2. to keep from rotting or spoiling

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  1. comprehend1. an animal that is hunted for food
    2. a victim
    3. to hunt for food
    4. to take from or rob using violence or trickery


  2. obscure1. to cover up or keep from being seen
    2. hard to see; hidden
    3. not easy to understand


  3. evidentno longer existing or living; no longer active


  4. preyweak; lacking in size, strength, or power


  5. survivethe time during which something lasts or continues


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